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Trans-Rights Activists Attack Conservative Student and Speaker

Kelly Neidert, the organizer of a Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) event and speaker Jeff Younger, a Republican candidate for the Texas House of Representatives, were attacked and harassed by a left-wing group, UNT Anonymous, at the University of North Texas, on March 2nd.

Neidert told Red Liberty Media that while leaving the event she became separated from Younger and many of the police officers on site. Fearing for Neidert's safety, two officers took her to a location they deemed safe and hid her in a janitor's closet from the protestors.

“I could hear them shaking the door handles of the closet I was in," she told us.

"I am really shaken up by this."

YCT had Younger come speak on the dangers of child transitions. A Daily Wire article covered the custody battle for his two sons, one of whom the mother/ex-wife wanted to transition. Younger ultimately lost the custody battle and is only granted limited visitation rights.

Neidert said that Younger was able to speak for a few minutes, but most of of the time was filled with screaming, harassment and even spitting. A video shared by Current Revolt shows the events that transpired inside.

Even before the event, Neidert received threats on social media and petitions to get her kicked off campus. She is known around campus for being involved with YCT.

The president of the university, Neal Smatresk, sent out an official notice on the event:

Neidert said that they were happy with this statement, but many students on campus were not and staged a counter protest on March 4th.

YCT released their own statement demanding that the "university take immediate action against those who violently rioted that evening."

"I think this will show how leftists really are," Neidert said.

Neidert hopes that people will see that even though YCT and conservatives in general have different opinions than leftists, that they don't hate them.

"We have different opinions, but we don't hate anyone."

Neidert said that YCT still plans on hosting more events and speakers despite what happened.

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