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REPORT: Cuban Protesters Rise Up Against the Communist Regime

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Thousands of Cuban protesters calling for an end to the 62- year old communists regime

On Sunday, in the western city of San Antonio de Los Baños and later spreading to more than 40 cities and towns, including the capital Havana, thousands of Cuban protestors called for an end to the 62-year-old communist regime. Cuban citizens have faced food shortages, terrible healthcare, fuel shortages, and more—this the largest anti-government protest on the island in 3 decades.

The Cuban president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, who recently succeeded Raul Castro, quickly expressed his opposition to the freedom fighters and called for deadly force to be used on protesters.

Live streams across the internet showed people marching and shouting 'freedom.' They hope to end the reign of Diaz Canel and Raul Castro. By Monday, authorities cut off most communications with the outside world and deployed security forces across the country.

Social media posts showed Cuban protestors overturning police cars and looting some state-owned shops which price their goods in foreign currencies. These shops are the only way the Cuban people can buy basic necessities for their families, but prices are unreasonably high.

Protesters are being arrested, beat, and shot with non-lethal weapons.

Videos have emerged on social media showing protesters holding an American flag during their effort to end the country's communist dictatorship blamed for the worsening conditions.

The Cuban uprising is all happening 100 miles away from the U.S., and currently, Americans are reportedly taking boats full of supplies to the Caribbean island. Hundreds of Cuban Americans have loaded ships with supplies and have been traveling to the island since Monday. U.S. Coast Guard has issued warnings, but it has not stopped the people from going to the island and helping the people being slaughtered in Cuba by the communist regime.

The internet has been cut off for the Cuban people restricting their access to social media. This makes it difficult to get accurate information from Cuban citizens and determine how many protestors have been arrested and hurt overall. Cuban police have arrested Youtuber Dina Stars during a live T.V. interview with a network from Spain because she has been telling the world about what has been happening on the island. Before Dina left the live interview, she said that the Cuban government is responsible for anything that happens to her.

There are also reports from citizens in Cuba that Venezuelan troops have landed on the island and are working with local police and military to repress the people and force them back into their homes. This comes one day after Raul Castro flies to Venezuela for unknown reasons. According to sources, Cubas Black Berets have also been sent to stop the uprising.

Multiple videos have surfaced in which Cuban citizens shared their stories of how their family members were killed by the police and tortured beforehand; eyeballs gouged out, teeth pulled, mutilation, and more before being fed to actual dogs.

The most accurate information comes from actual Cuban citizens who are risking their lives to share what is happening on the island. Police and military are dressed as civilians and kidnapping young men, forcing them to join the communist regime or have their families killed. This is the news that isn't reaching the mainstream media and must get out to the world.

Cuba is a communist country with state-owned media; the free press is non-existence. Cuban citizens and their first-hand testimonies are the only real news making it off of the island. One contact stated that he would not share any videos or information because the government is searching for people leaking the truth to the outside world and he does not feel called by God to be a martyr just yet.

Those seeking to leave the country and risk their lives by boat will not be allowed to enter the U.S. According to DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas (a native to Havana, Cuba), those fleeing from Cuba or Haiti will either be returned or sent to a third-world country.

The Biden administration sent out a letter not mentioning communism but instead claiming they are standing up against covid cases and medicine shortages. White House press secretary said in a press briefing Monday where she mentioned the protests are due to "a lack of vaccines." Nowhere in Biden's released statement does it mention "Communism," which is the cause of the protests. Biden has also lifted sanctions on Venezuela who aids Cuba's communist government -- they will be able to fuel the communist government to continue to kill and oppress their people by providing the supplies needed. This contrasts with the GOP, who announced their backing of Cuban protesters calling for the end of communist dictatorship.

Author's Final Remarks:

If you don't think communism is possible in America, think again. The generation in America that is currently "rising up…" hates America and supports the very idea of implementing socialism in America. Democratic socialists of America claim they have 92,000 members and chapters in all 50 states. Almost 75 percent of Gen Z does not see Marxism as a totalitarian state that suppresses its citizens. The DNC announced they want phone companies to step in and police text messages and social media for "Covid-19 vaccine misinformation." Door to Door vaccine outreach plan was also recently announced in which volunteers go to households in areas where vaccine hesitancy exists in order to encourage a higher vaccination rate.

Young Americans Against Socialism makes content on social media to show this generation what authoritarian ideas are behind Socialism, Marxism, and Communism. They interview people who have actually lived under a socialist regime and share their stories online. They hope to enlighten the public about the truth behind socialism.

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