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Grant Solomon: The mystery and tragedy the media won't cover

Updated: Jan 23
Grant Solomon/

Franklin, Tennessee is a beautiful, affluent and historic city located about 30 miles outside of Nashville. It boasts being home to celebrities like Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw and Brad Paisley. This southern town is a true "Bible Belt" community with shiny Baptist Churches appearing every mile or so. Franklin, Tennessee was also the home to star high-school baseball player, Grant Solomon. Grant wasn't like any other teenager...there was something different about him. In addition to having the most amazing smile; Grant was mature, faithful, spiritual, respectful, humble, and a genuinely kind person. He was known for being a fierce and true protector of his mom and little sister, Gracie. Grant's parents- Doctor of Pharmacy, Angelia Solomon and former WSMV News Anchor, Aaron Solomon- were notably divorced. By 2020, they had been in a brutal custody battle for almost 7 years, and it wasn't exactly a private matter. Aaron Solomon was a local celebrity that everyone knew from his days anchoring the news. He supposedly rubbed elbows with people like the governor, local politicians and respected judges (they all attended the same megachurch, Grace Chapel). After Grant and Gracie spent years living with Aaron (he was able to convince the court his ex-wife Angie was "crazy"... (crazy, yet still had to work as a pharmacist to pay child support). Grant and Gracie had finally had enough and ran off to live with their mom. Both kids claimed Aaron was controlling and allegedly abusive (physically, verbally and unfortunatley sexually towards Gracie). They were now of age to choose which parent they wished to live with, and both wished for Angie. By 2020, Grant was 18 and Gracie 13. Even amidst a global pandemic, Angie, Grant and Gracie felt a sense of normalcy return to their lives, because they were finally together again.

Gracie, Angie and Grant Solomon (Angie Solomon/FACEBOOK)

That is- until July 20, 2020- the day that Gracie and Angie's world collapsed. By this point, the Tennessee Department of Children's Services had substantiated Gracie's claim of sexual abuse and granted a no-contact order between Gracie and her father. The Franklin Police were also informed of the abuse, however no arrests were made. Grant kept the peace with his father, texting with him and allowing him to attend his baseball games and practice- it kept Aaron from bothering Gracie or Angie. Aaron had high hopes for Grant to play professional baseball at an Ivy League school. He made an expensive and exclusive appointment for Grant to attend a private baseball clinic at the Ward Performance Institute in Gallatin, Tennessee on July 20th, 2020. Gallatin was about 50 miles from Franklin.

When Grant arrived in Gallatin the morning of July 20th, Aaron was already in the parking lot. Shortly after Grant arrived, Aaron became the only witness of a single-car accident that killed his only son. Aaron alleged that Grant was getting his baseball gear out of the bed of his truck as it was parked on a steep incline; the car must have "malfunctioned or was not placed in park," as it rolled backward over onto Grant, dragging him over 60 feet into a ditch.  Grant tragically died after being transported to Sumner Regional Medical shortly thereafter. What was suspicious and shocking was that Grant's body did not match what was expected of someone who was dragged under a hot car for 60 feet — in fact, his body showed minimal injury, minus a scrape on his cheek and a blow to the back of his head, which was tied to the official cause of death, blunt force trauma. The Gallatin Police showed up at the scene of the accident for 57 minutes total, took Aaron Solomon's statement, and closed the case. Many were baffled by their lack of investigation- not even an accident reconstruction. On the bizarre 911 call, Aaron mentioned 3 men were helping Grant in the ditch, but police never identified the 3 men (or if they did, they certainly didn't share their findings with Angie). Angie and Gracie were beyond devastated- Grant was their whole world. After Grant's death, Aaron began exhibiting more strange behavior. He didn't ask for an autopsy, even though Grant had COVID at the time of his death. He drove the Toyota truck that killed his only son for months- didn't he say the truck malfunctioned? Why would he be driving it around? In his eulogy for Grant, he over-explained how one of his friends found Grant's hat, cell phone and glasses in the ditch at WPI, and returned those items to him (also another example of bad police work).

In 2021, Gracie Solomon (now 14), made a YouTube video alleging that law enforcement and others would not listen to her previous pleas, saying that she therefore was forced to go public to protect herself. Gracie bravely came forward and delivered the shocking allegations — that Aaron had been sexually assaulting her since she was a child and she alleged that she believes her father had something to do with her brother's death. Gracie also claimed that Grant had plans to "out" his father for the abuse since he had just turned 18, which she speculated was her father's alleged motive in wishing harm on her brother. "Grant was my protector. And my mom's. I didn't realize how much he protected us. However, now that he's gone, my dad is attacking me again, " Gracie stated in the video. She also claimed that her school and church knew about the sexual abuse she was suffering at the hands of her father and did nothing. Aaron Solomon filed a defamation lawsuit against his daughter Gracie and ex-wife Angelia Huffines Solomon, plus a group of others who were speaking out against him in Tennessee. The former news anchor maintains that he had nothing to do with his son's death and that the allegations brought against him by his daughter are false. According to the Nashville Scene, the defamation suits were dropped by Aaron, but he plans to file again in federal court.

Grant's tragic death has so many holes and conflicting details- why won't the state of Tennessee reopen the investigation? Why won't the media cover this story or look into the inconsistencies? Many content creators, podcasters and YouTubers are spreading the word, but that's where it stops. Letters have been written to the Governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee, to which he's ignored. Calls have been made to Sumner County District Attorney Ray Whitley's office, to which he claims the case is closed. In 2022, senate majority leader Jack Johnson attempted to push a bill forward that will close all public records in non-criminal deaths. It was through the Freedom of Information Act that Angie Solomon was able to obtain the bizarre 911 call, Aaron's written statement, the medical records, and abysmal police report. Johnson claims he was pushing this bill due to the suicide of country music legend Naomi Judd and out of respect for her family. What about other families who deserve answers?

In December of 2023, a formal complaint was filed by a group of concerned citizens in Franklin Tennessee against the school that allegedly failed to report Gracie's abuse- Grace Christian Academy. The pending complaint was filed with the Mayor's Office, The Williamson County Sheriff's Office and the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

We've barely scratched the surface of this case. If you'd like to learn more, you can check out the below resources and the Corruption: What Happened to Grant Solomon Podcast. Season Two drops January 24th and features guest Angel Quiroz.


  1. Grant’s shoes and socks were in perfect condition, despite Aaron’s account of Grant being dragged underneath a car down a ditch.

  2. Grant’s body was in near-perfect condition, despite Aaron’s account of Grant being dragged underneath a hot car and trapped.

  3. Grant’s cause of death was determined to be cardiac arrest due to blunt force trauma. There was one large skull fracture to the back of his head. 

  4. Gallatin PD did not speak to anyone besides Aaron Solomon, or even try to find the three men he referred to on the 911 Call, to the knowledge of the public through FOIA.

  5. Gallatin PD spent 57 minutes at the scene before wrapping up their “investigation.”

  6. Gallatin PD has an accident reconstruction team in-house, and declined to use them.

  7. Before Grant’s mother, Angie, could arrive at the hospital, an autopsy had been declined even though the injuries did not match the police report or Aaron’s description of what happened. 

  8. The truck was found in “park” in the ditch. How did it roll down there in the first place if it was in park? A private forensic analysis confirmed the truck did not malfunction. 

  9. Grant’s sister Gracie Solomon currently has a “no-contact” order in place against her father Aaron Solomon as the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services has substantiated her claims of his sexual abuse. Family Court, however, has not.

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, help is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website or contact the National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

DISCLAIMER: Throughout this article, there may be instances where opinions are expressed regarding certain events, individuals, or circumstances. These are the personal perspectives of the author.

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