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Influencer Booted From Restaurant For No Vaccine Card

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Morgan Ariel, an influencer and curator of the clothing line ONE GOD, recorded an encounter at Hampton Social in South Barrington, Illinois—located outside of Chicago—where she was asked to provide proof of vaccination per the establishment's requirements. Since this publication, the recorded encounter has been viewed more than 160,000 times across social media.

Red Liberty Media reached out to Ariel for an interview regarding the encounter. Ariel stated that she visited the establishment to shoot content for her One God clothing line. She went to this place specifically because she had been informed that "Hampton Social should be fine and not the kind of place to enforce the mandates." Ariel stated, "It's been a struggle with everything going on because I'm scared that I'm not going to be able to get into places" she continued by stating, "Even though I will get into a confrontation....I don't go looking for them." When her friend recommended Hampton Social, Morgan responded, "Awesome! I'm gonna shoot on over there!" the location was only 15 minutes away from her office. When Ariel arrived at the site, she said, "I was just astounded because it's in a suburb" and "It's not in the city. In the city, I would expect that" she also stated, "It was a spot that my friend told me should have been okay. I was very blindsided at I what I discovered when I got in there."
According to Ariel, after the recorded encounter with employees from Hampton Social, she drove back to her office. "I didn't expect that to transpire," Ariel stated, "I couldn't believe that I was discriminated against," she continued. Ariel noted that what expressly "set her off " was "The fact that they said it wasn't discrimination … people not having a backbone and nobody standing up against these tyrannical measures."
Ariel continued by stating, "What is happening is so wrong; they're trying to compare this to 'no shirt no shoes no service.' You can't compare a human-being being denied entry into an establishment for not injecting themselves with a synthetic poison – this is medical tyranny – this has the potential to cause serious bodily harm to you and even possible death. You don't know what it can do to you. You can't compare that to a shirt or shoes that don't have the same effect."
According to Ariel, a reporter with Newsweek attempted to contact her. Still, Ariel refused to respond because "I don't talk to the false prophet media, I will never speak to the false prophet media," stated Ariel. In regards to the published Newsweek article, Ariel stated, "I thought that it was a weak attempt to try to demonize me in a situation where I had every right to stand up against tyrannical measures that are currently being taken." It is unfortunate that it had to be employees, but why didn't the manager come out?" In the video, the employees stated that they would get their manager, but the manager never came. Continuing her statement, she stated, "People can't just continue hiding behind the guise of 'I'm doing what I'm told.' Morgan also cleared up a misconception from the Newsweek article, "They said that I told the employees that they were Nazi's and sheep and losers, that statement was directed to people that were sitting at the table in the back that were scoffing at me."

"We are creating a situation where other human beings, a class of citizens who don't feel like they should be subjected to medical tyranny, are being demonized and set apart and cast out of society like we are less than," continued Ariel.

Ariel was also questioned regarding a tweet where a Drag Queen and LGBTQ Advocate named Nicolette NuVogue called her an antisemite and that it would "be a good idea" if Shopify stopped letting her "use their software to make money."

"I would say that it's just a weak attempt to shut us up in a situation where we are being demonized. It has nothing to do with hating Jews and not loving people; it has everything to do with loving humanity, standing up for our freedoms, standing up for our constitutional rights, and believing that people should have a choice as to what they do with their bodies. It's a very slippery slope when we see this canceled culture that tries to attack us and name call us antisemitic or white supremacist or privileged white Karens, whatever it is that they want to call conservatives or white women just basically to shut us up, that way we will get just back into a corner," stated Ariel.

"My statement to those who want me to be quiet is that I will not bow down to the false prophet media, the mob, the government, nor to anybody because I know that God is on my side. I stand up for freedom, truth, and righteousness in the name of Jesus Christ," continued Ariel.

"When the CEO of Pfizer said that, 'Two doses of the vaccine offers minimal protection if any.' It confirmed many of my suspicions about the vaccine. Vaccinated individuals are still getting Covid and dying while being vaccinated. The first person to die from omicron was a fully vaccinated man in Israel. Even in populations with high vaccination status, people are still getting Covid at high rates like Germany. Singapore and Israel. In the U.S, the people most likely to die and or get hospitalized from Covid are the elderly and obese. 93% of the people who have died from Covid are over the age of 55, and a report from the CDC stated that 78% of the people hospitalized with Covid were either overweight or obese. Along with that, the director of the CDC, Rochelle P. Walensky, said in an interview that 75% of the people who died from Covid had four or more comorbidities. The population at large has a 99% rate of survivability, according to the data available on World Meters, with a current mortality rate of 0.014, much less than 1%. The data suggest that Covid is not as bad as it's painted to be. Maybe our governments worldwide should take the science into account."

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