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Zelensky's Book of Speeches Releases December 6

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, is publishing a book A Message from Ukraine. The book will be published by Crown and its parent company Penguin Random House, on December 6. It will be a compilation fo Zelensky’s war speeches.

“Since my inauguration in May 2019, I have delivered about 1,000 different addresses around the world. I have selected the 16 speeches in this book because they will help you understand Ukrainians: our aspirations, our principles, and our values,” Zelensky said. “Above all, it will help you hear our message to the world: that we are a free and independent people, and that we will not stop resisting until the last Russian troop has left our territory.”

The book also features a preface by Arkady Ostrovsky, the Economist's editor for Russia and Eastern Europe.

Crown described the book as “Ukraine’s story through the words of its president.”

A Message from Ukraine releases December 6. All proceeds will go towards United24, Zelensky’s charity for Ukraine.

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