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Ye is Furious Kim Continues to Let North Wear Makeup on TikTok Despite His Wishes

New conflict between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has been made public after the mother of four allowed their oldest daughter, North, to wear makeup and dance on TikTok. In the now-removed video, 8-year-old North is seen wearing dark lipstick as she lip-syncs into the camera. TikTok’s Terms of Service requires all users to be at least 12 years old. However, enforcing this guideline with thousands of new users joining every day is almost impossible.

After being married to the rapper for six years, Kim Kardashian-West filed for divorce in February of 2021. She has continued to keep her family trending as she regularly posts videos on TikTok and other social media platforms. Ye, formerly named Kanye, has suggested that his daughters wait to wear makeup until they become teenagers, which allegedly led to an ongoing fight about how the pair would be raising their girls. A born-again Christian, Ye also added that he does not want his daughters wearing crop tops when he was featured for a 2019 interview on Beats 1.

Ye has accused Kim of trying to purposefully antagonize him after he repeatedly shared his disapproval about their children’s social media presence. He described that he felt as though Kim was “poking the bear”, especially after blatantly ignoring his request. On a podcast hosted by Hollywood Unlocked, Ye explicitly stated that he would not have his daughter wearing lipstick on TikTok. In the same interview, he also explained that he would be pursuing legal action after Kim tried to have him banned from attending his other daughter, Chicago’s, fourth birthday party. He later thanked Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner for letting him onto the property despite security guard instructions. The estranged couple remained distant throughout the evening, to say the least.

This news raises greater concerns for those who have followed the family closely over the years. Many feel that Kim is trying to interfere in Ye’s relationship with their children and that she lacks modesty and humility when it comes to the internet. Others who side with Kim are supportive of her online presence and praise her for ignoring Kanye’s wishes. For those who may not care for the former duo, the debate has still managed to foster discussion about online safety and where the line is drawn for the appropriate age to wear makeup. People are also becoming more aware of their own children’s online activities as other’s simultaneously brush it off as too new-age to understand. Regardless, the generation raised around one-minute videos and questionable trends has nearly everyone worried about their consequences.

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