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Warnock and The Dems Bring In Obama To Rally The Base

(Saturday October 29, 2022- New York) As U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga) is in a statistical dead heat with Republican challenger Herschel Walker, the Democrats have decided to pull Former President Barack Obama into the campaign in order to discredit Walker.

Obama spoke passionately about Walker's lack of credentials, claiming he has a habit of "not telling the truth,". This is in reference to Walker's recent issues with his son Christian Walker, a popular political commentator, who recently discussed his issues with Herschel's campaign and private life. Claiming his father had coerced a woman into having an abortion. Herschel denied this outright claiming "The abortion thing- it didn't happen."

Herschel's performance in the most recent debate with Warnock is most likely the reason for Obama's recent speech in Georgia, as polls grew increasingly in Walker's favor after the debate aired. It is clear why this race is important as Georgia has been the center of elections swaying for the past two presidencies. Both the gubernatorial and senatorial elections are noticeably close.

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