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WaPo Doxes Owner of “Libs Of TikTok”

Another social media account is being attacked by left-wing news. Taylor Lorenz who works for The Washington Post wrote an article about Libs of TikTok, Chaya Raichik, reaching an all-time low as she exposes the ‘private work details and addresses’ of the woman who runs the social media account. Libs of TikTok exposes "grooming" narratives in school classrooms.

Reason for Attack

The media used to be unbiased and discussed facts, not feelings. However, news outlets continue to attack any right-wing source of information within the mindset that anything right-wing is misinformation, harassment, or leads to harassment. Lorenz started calling out Libs of TikTok first by citing her multiple social media accounts and pointing out that what Raichik would post would include “QAnon-related language” due to her “conspiracy theory” related posts regarding the election and Covid.

Once Libs of TikTok started gaining traction and multiple higher profile people like Joe Rogan started praising the page that is when Raichik really started to let loose. Her account shifted to speaking out against the LGBTQ+ community. Lorenz condemns Libs of TikTok and tries to shift the narrative that Raichik is fueling people toward hatred for the LGBTQ+ community, The reason for the attack on Libs of TikTok is that she is calling out schools that are pushing an LGBTQ+ narrative, schools are grooming young children who may not even know what their own identities are yet, and that politicians are using the narratives she pushes to “fuel their arguments”. The articles Lorenz uses throughout also include areas where the school was at fault. People need to be responsible for their actions and look at the way that teachers/ adults besides parents are treating the children. In one article Lorenz uses, it focused on a school board president who received an email that was very inappropriate and violent. The reason for the email was because a PowerPoint slide that was used promoted teachers' keeping children's identity from their parents and that "parents are not entitled" to know. This was created in the guise that children were being protected. Should the school board president or really anyone receive a death threat? Absolutely not. To some parents, this shows that Raichik and others could be onto something that the school is grooming children and they do not want the parents to know. Grooming children starts with encouraging them to keep secrets from their parents in order to eventually manipulate and control the children.

Lorenz uses a quote from Gillian Branstetter like “right-wing propaganda” and even says “right-wing media outrage cycle” to label what Raichik's account is “all about”. Yet it seems that she created an account for parents to make sure their children are safe.

The Continued Harassment

Tim Pool recently tweeted that Taylor Lorenz posted personal details about Raichik. How she received such information as Raichik’s home address, work address, and phone number was because when Raichik registered her domain for her website she used her full name, and phone number, and linked it to her real estate contact information. In the original article Lorenz linked the information completely doxing her.

Source: Twitter

Someone from The Washington Post called the number and Raichik hung up as soon as they identified themselves. Glenn Greenwald confirmed the house that was visited to be Raichik’s family’s home. Lorenz who is promoting that Raichik is causing harm to the LGBTQ+ community and to schools for exposing what is being taught to children yet is sharing a woman’s personal information to the point a journalist called and then another went to the home to confirm she lived there. The New York Post calls out Taylor Lorenz for ‘hypocrisy’.

What seems to be interesting is that Raichik is exposing all that she can to make sure children are safe and is being a voice for concerned parents, but Lorenz twists Raichik’s message and makes it as if she is the villain while Lorenz posts personal details about Raichik for others to find her. If Lorenz is calling her out for doxing teachers and promoting harassment, she is doing the same thing. The double standard needs to end.

Note: The TikTok account for Libs of TikTok has been suspended for breaking community guidelines. She continues to use multiple social media outlets including GETTR.

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