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Wall Street Red Pill?

2020 had everyone on the right begging for people to wake up and see the writing on the wall. I have a sneaking suspicion that 2021 will do all the work for us. We're not even a month into the clown show, and look at what's happened.

We had an inauguration that was the picture of the perfect dystopia, complete with razor wire and 65,000 troops. There was Biden's funny gaffe where he said, "I don't know what I'm signing," as he went on scribbling on the mountain of executive orders atop his desk. Thousands of jobs were lost at the swipe of his pen, but at least we're tackling the "inclusivity" of women's sports. AOC claimed she was almost "murdered," and Nancy lost her podium.

And now, we have this business with Wall Street. Will this be the red pill to end all red pills? It feels like there's a shift happening. Beneath the veil of censorship, the swamp's acts of theft and deception are getting louder, even if no one in mainstream news media wants to report on it.

So, what is the business with Wall Street? I'll break it down for you. Basically, GameStop's stocks were dismal, and a forum called wallstreetbets on Reddit took notice a few weeks ago when a hedge fund elected to make an enormous amount of short trades against GameStop. The Redditors took the initiative to collaborate and buy into GameStop, which forced a rise in the stocks. In short, the hedge funds lost BIG, and ordinary people became wealthy.

Great, right? It could have been. It could have been the juiciest plate of just desserts for the people in charge. But we all know they couldn't let that happen. Let's call it election 2.0, because upon seeing the damage, Wall Street started to pull some DNC level shenanigans where they halted trading, forced sales, and canceled orders. Shady right? It gets better.

That brings us to Robinhood, the trading platform where this would-be Braveheart-level comradery act took place. That is until Robinhood decided to halt the trading and then removed $AMC, $GME, $BB, and $NOK from their platform. Per r/ClassActionRobinHood, a whistleblower at Robinhood, alleging that the C-suite at their company was heard speaking to the White House and Sequoia Capital today, January 28. It's alleged that the parties pressured the company to close trading on the stocks listed above.

All of this brings me to my point, the gilded wallpaper of the swamp is starting to peel. We're barely dipping our toes into 2021, and we've witnessed scandal upon scandal. If the allegations are true, it would be another example of how the people at the top have no intention of letting the little guys outside of the castle take a piece of the pie, and it will, or rather already is one of the biggest red pills of all.

Heck, AOC and Donald Trump Junior agreed on something today. That pretty much secures 2021's place in the realm of the Twilight Zone.

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About the Author:

Breanna Leslie is a freelance writer, author, and editor from West Virginia. She has been published in Harness Magazine, Future Female Leaders, Motherscope, and a handful of literary publications. She’s dedicated to publishing honest work that doesn’t bow down in the face of censorship.

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