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Twitter Files: "Handled" 2020 DNC Election Meddling

Media censorship in 2020 was controversial. For every person who tried to share any corruption within the DNC or later the disturbing findings on Hunter Biden's laptop, there were 10 media outlets claiming the right was spreading Russian disinformation in an effort to meddle in the 2020 Presidential election.

Turns out, as many times have proven before, the DNC is responsible for the very things they accuse their opposition for.

When Twitter was purchased by Elon, the CEO promised to reveal corruption involved in unlawful censorship on behalf of the government. Why would the government do this? According to these internal documents to "get Joe Biden elected."

Some are outraged by the documented findings via the first installment of the Twitter Files, brought to us by journalist and Substack member Mike Taibbi. Others, having been censored on social media and fought free speech legal battles, feel underwhelmed that this information is no secret.

What are the Twitter Files? The Public release of internal Twitter email exchanges that proved there was permanent censorship among users at the request of the DNC, specifically the Biden campaign.

This was a systemic violation of the first amendment. DNC directing and deleting tweets to protect the Biden campaign.

On October 14th, 2020 The New York Post published a story regarding Biden, his son's laptop, and his ties to China and Ukraine, a story that could have changed the outcome of the 2020 election.

According to the thread, Twitter and other social media outlets along with former deep state national security worked together to suppress the story. Users were not even able to share the story privately.

Not to exclude major news outlets suppressing the story. Politico claimed the story was "Disinformation" and NPR "reported" what NYP published was "Not a real Story".

Internally, Twitter tried to portray this story as hacked material, therefore in clear violation of Twitter policy. Twitter emails revealed that this accusation would not hold up.

James Baker, General Counsel of Twitter, and Former FBI general council, who was involved in interviewing the Michael Flynn/ Russia Collusion Hoax signed off on the suppression claiming, "Caution is warranted".

Because of this suppression, Americans have expressed concern regarding the government infringing on 1st Amendment rights. Interestingly enough throughout the Twitter Files, a document was revealed that Democratic members of Congress do not believe the 1st Amendment is absolute. Which is illegal.

This thread has gained national attention in the last 24 hours and a continuation of it is said to be released this evening.

Many are thankful for Elon Musks' efforts. It is evident that big tech warrants reform. As we continue to see this story unravel, in an effort to look into the future, what will come of this information, and despite recent Twitter account bans and reinstatements, can we rely on one billionaire's season of goodwill?

Story by Lissette Carter

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