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TPUSA vs. The View

Whoopi Goldberg on The View has been the source of many controversies when it comes to her opinions on the Holocaust and who are neo-Nazis. The latest scandal was an attack on Turning Point USA and even Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis when there were neo-Nazis protesting outside of the Student Summit in Tampa, Florida. Whoopi's comment about comparing TPUSA and the neo-Nazis as one of the same was an ignorant one based on her own perception.

The View did get TPUSA's legal note stating that they "condemn the neo-Nazis and have nothing to do with the organization". Whoopi then chimes in at the end claiming that because the neo-Nazis were in the same vicinity of TPUSA it was like they "let them in" and are "complicit".

Source: Fox News

Veronica Peterson was the one to write up the cease and desist and condemned The View for their defaming of TPUSA. ABC was given a deadline on July 27 for retraction and an apology for what they said. On July 26, TPUSA changed their profile to #SuetheView and two days later posted the questionable apology from The View.

Source: Twitter

Governor DeSantis has not commented about the event on any social media; however, on July 26 spoke out about his bill against Chinese Community Party ideologies and agreements within "Florida's schools, government, and companies". If Governor DeSantis is clearly against communism what more does he have to say about his thoughts on what happened outside of the TPUSA event?

Source: Twitter

For reference these were the people outside of the event (language and image advisory).

Source: Twitter

Hopefully, this incident will wake up The View to realize they cannot just say anything that comes to mind without consequences. Should TPUSA accept the apology or will legal action be taken other than the letter?

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