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The War on Parents: What is Title IX?

The war on parents may have begun years ago but adding fuel to the flames Biden proposed Title IX which will affect children rather than college-aged students as Obama's Title IX focused on. The main basis of both was banning-sexed-based discrimination. Obama's focused on eliminating cross-examination in regards to sexual harassment complaints so the one who is accused is automatically guilty. Biden has put his own twist on targeting gender ideology in children and calling those who do not agree with the child's choice discriminators.

Obama era Title IX put fear in college students that one wrong move could hurt their chances of staying at college or even worse consequences could happen. Biden is using the same name but targeting children and their parents. The purpose of the bill was to stop bullying of gay and transgender students but what it really is doing is making it harder for parents to opt their children out of certain lessons. It even goes farther than that preventing the parents from even knowing that their child changed their pronouns and even names. In one instance the parent found out about these changes and the school said she had no say due to Title IX. The education system is treating parents who disagree as discriminatory even dangerous.

What this bill could end up doing, as it mostly is doing now, is give teachers and other authorities in the school (and government) to consider the non-affirming home as dangerous. In California, this has already begun. The parents were not using the "preferred male name" of their daughter at home. When the school found out CPS was called and the agent took the child away due to "emotional damage". What is truly upsetting is that there are approximately 1,840 died due to abuse in 2019. Imagine the number going up because of CPS and DCFS getting involved in cases where the parent is not referring to their child who is a minor new identity that is being pushed by the school. How many more serious and actual child abuse cases would go unnoticed? This is why Title IX is so harmful. It punishes the good parents and encourages the bad and lets the school and government be the parent (authoritative) figure in the child's life. If Biden's proposal gets passed school may not be safe for children and for parents.

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