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The Power of Big Tech: How Do They Prioritize Eliminating Threats?

Earlier this morning I came across a Facebook post in which someone brought up an interesting, or more accurately-disturbing-point about web service providers.

If they have the ability to band together to remove websites, web content, forums, and apps, and furthermore, prevent them from moving to other providers, why have they not worked to do the same for the abundance of sites on the dark web that contain child pornography, extreme violence, and terrorism?

With the effort and coordination that companies such as Google and Amazon put into so swiftly removing President Trump from their platforms, it seems that coming together to stop and prevent the spread of content that depicts and spreads true danger would be a less challenging task for them to tackle than it apparently has been. We know that groups like ISIS have used social media and other internet services to promote their ideologies, recruit followers, and communicate with each other. We also know that child predators take advantage of various apps and chat rooms to target children, many of them going so far as to lure these children into sex trafficking.

This has been the case for years. We have been aware of this for years. Yet, this twisted reality is still an ongoing issue that we have made few strides in putting a stop to. I fully understand that human trafficking, terrorism, and other such activities that occur on the dark web are deep and complicated matters, however, after witnessing how easily media companies were able to eliminate what they deemed a “threat”, I fail to understand why they have not displayed the same impressive teamwork to also eliminate much more dark and serious threats to our world.


For what reason is this the case? Is it really a matter of their abilities? Are they not able to apply the same tactics to the predators and terrorists of this world? It could very well be that the evil individuals in those groups have simply managed to outsmart the media companies. Even if that is true, this situation certainly raises serious questions about the abilities and priorities of these companies.

My hope is that, at the very least, the recent actions of Big Tech against President Trump, his supporters, and the apps that are favored by them will cause individuals from all sides of the political spectrum to put greater pressure on these companies to put more effort into exterminating the true monsters of the internet. Perhaps there can be a silver lining to this situation.

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About the Author:

Erin Fitzgerald Adair is a political commentator known as @Always.Right on Instagram. She attended college for Political Science and History, formerly hosted a weekly podcast, and most recently worked on a congressional campaign. Erin is a “Cav Kid” from Georgia who now splits her time between there and Florida. She is passionate about advocating for gun rights, free speech, and our constitutional liberties, while speaking out against abortion, censorship, and cultural marxism.


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