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The Media Exploits Rare Black Homicides by Police and Most Americans Buy Into the Narrative

The late Andy Warhol, the sophist avatar of the postmodern avant-garde, predicted that everyone would be famous for 15 minutes in the future. Regarding himself, this meant slapping neon colors onto photographs of Marilyn Monroe and Campbell Soup labels in his 'factory' studio because, well, pop art is all 'about liking things.' In the age of social media, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channels, TikTok, Pornhub, and OnlyFans commodify by design the peanut gallery's opinions, fake news, and one's own body and sexuality. Many content creators have become rich in the process. Unlimited access to information and one's camera phone can break the news through footage of petty schoolyard brawls that go viral within minutes.

Jesse Cox’s ‘soy face’. The tweet captions itself. ‘Nuff said.

Dead since 1987, Mr. Warhol would be proud that the future he predicted arrived long ago. We've all been caught worshiping God's image (but sadly, not God) in our bathroom mirror because we see ourselves as 'the fairest in the land.' There then are the absurdities of 'commodity activism.' The typical consumer embraces fads that are usually quickly forgotten, and yet Black Lives Matter (BLM) has the staying power of a chronic hemorrhoid. There's little distinguishing the natural tendency to 'collectivize' with our tribes from a pack of wild hyenas whenever one adds a BLM chyron to his or her photograph on a Facebook profile to virtue signal as if the average person otherwise cares about 'unwoke' perfect strangers. In an age where the Internet has resulted in record levels of isolation, we naturally crave to belong to some community. If we're condemned for our 'white privilege' because we aren't black, we can still purchase empathy like the mostly illiterate (and devout) Roman Catholics did indulgences before Luther's Reformation. A top-down scam, 'social justice' parlays like a juicy red lollipop, in which millions will indulge in a cause they believe is more significant than themselves after watching the news, without ever questioning the narrative's source or veracity of its claims. Understand that most people identify similarly with the Borg: through consumption, they'll selfishly assimilate with actual victims so that their peers might notice how their confessions before the high priests of 'social justice' awakens them, leaving them a step closer to salvation for their fathers' sins. Yet after a lifetime of sitting and waiting with bated breath like Didi and Gogo, engaging in Groupthink on everything from 'climate change' to 'systemic racism,' Godot will still not have arrived. People won't be any closer to this imaginary 'enlightenment' than before Derek Chauvin took a knee to George Floyd's neck, and the latter died. (With fatal levels of fentanyl later discovered in his system, of course.)

Nevertheless, January 20th, 2021―the day that Joe Biden was inaugurated as President―will be remembered as a pivotal day in America's history. While the media distorts vital details behind the January 6th Incident, the path of destruction laid out by the ethnonationalist Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization and Antifa continues, weaponized, according to CNN, through 'fiery, but mostly peaceful protests. Big Tech's suppression of anyone daring to provide competing narratives involving the evolution of COVID-19, climate change, BLM, and the 2020 presidential election with the election reforms passed by the Georgia legislature have resulted in 'woke' corporations. Corporations such as the Major League Baseball moving the All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver, whose host state of Colorado enjoys similar election laws. Our new unelected government embodies the principles of corporatism under 'woke' technocracy that's unmasked the dark side of capitalism. Comprised of the multinational merger of the 'woke' legacy media with Big Tech, the green industry, Hollywood, K-Street, and Wall Street, this unholy technocracy replaced our constitutional republic with a cabal of unelected oligarchs who now regulate what we consume and wage psychological warfare. A few weeks ago, a cabal of 100 corporations reportedly plotted how to economically coerce 'red states' to surrender to their 'woke' agenda. More recently, news broke that the U.S. Postal Service will (pardon the pun) 'go postal' on conservatives by following in the footsteps of Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey. With this understanding, our new rulers have undermined our legal rights before the court of public opinion. In turn, they've embraced vigilantism, Marxist militias, the ability of private companies and corporations to deny services according to the political trends of the day, calls to implement Chinese-style 'social credit scores, civil rights attorneys and activist judges who only intend to represent their tribal affiliations and grift.

In my hometown of Knoxville, TN, the case involving the justified shooting death of high school student Anthony Thompson during a violent confrontation with four officers inside a school restroom resulted in one officer being wounded. The case was officially closed after video evidence of the encounter supported Officer Jonathon Clabough (a black man) returning fire in defense of the other three officers during the attempt to arrest Thompson following a domestic violence complaint filed by his ex-girlfriend.

Yet, the Thompson family's anti-white pathology positions them as another avatar for the black community's systemic moral decadence and violent culture. Their conduct results from a white population that coddled them out of fear that offending them would be a risk to their careers or worse. Those few blacks on the Right brave enough to offer their rebuttals against the Left find that their sides of the story are regularly suppressed. To the liberal black mainstream and proto-segregationist President Biden, they "ain't black" because they aren't Democrats. The Biden-Harris campaign, for example, posted bail for several rioters last summer because they intended to promote Afrocentric fascism, and Kamala Harris herself even incited violence live on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. And just two weeks ago, the liberal Geraldo Rivera asked his colleague and black conservative commentator, Leo Terrell, when he last visited a 'ghetto.'

PANDEMONIUM Ensues After Geraldo Asks Leo Terrell An Insulting Question. (Forbes Daily News)

Following the recent death of Daunte Wright and the conviction of Officer Chauvin for George Floyd's murder, news broke on that same week of the shooting of 16-year-old Ma'Khia Bryant in Columbus, OH, who lunged to stab another black girl to death. We shouldn't kid ourselves anymore by clinging naively to the false songs of 'color blindness' and 'equality' by the same sirens that for decades ignored the truth about race relations. Earlier in the week, Congresswoman Maxine Waters flew to Minneapolis to incite violence against jurors in the Chauvin trial after requesting police protection, resulting in troops in the Minnesota National Guard being injured by gunfire. According to attorney Alan Dershowitz, Waters, whose tactics were "precisely borrowed from the Ku Klux Klan," has a long history of advocating violence against political opponents.

A few days ago, LeBron James featured a photograph that doxed a cop on the scene in Columbus and called for violence against him ("You're Next!"). This, only a year after condemning white Houston Rockets CEO Daryl Morey for tweeting his support of Hong Kong's anti-communist freedom fighters because "(Morey) wasn't educated on the situation at hand and he spoke, " was fully endemic of the moral rot plaguing America's third-largest racial demographic.

After lying too often, the little boy who cried wolf found no one to help him after the carnivorous canine arrived to claim him as its meal. So will it be for the black community if law enforcement is eliminated. In 2019, more homicides were committed by the black community, and more were murdered, among just 13.4% of the total national population, than any other race. It's easy to isolate and cherry-pick details for the rare cop killings in cases like Michael Brown, George Floyd, Ma'Khia Bryant, and Anthony Thompson than the faceless statistics slaughtered every weekend in Chicago's killing fields. So no, black lives don't matter unless the victims' families or the media and corporations profit off tragedy through clever marketing strategies. Because of this, the American people are the captive audience for this new, deadlier generation of Dred Scotts, who now control the nation's social and political infrastructure. Indeed, Candace Owens is polite even to call this 'plantation politics'. And there's another thing: all white Americans will inevitably pay for 'slavery reparations. It's no longer impossible to imagine that an even more radical Democratic Party might one day pass racial legislation that mirrors South Africa's 'anti-white laws―laws inspired by the late Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

That's 'commodity activism' for you. It's paid shady characters to organize militias to burn cities to the ground and fatally divide a nation. We've all bought into its B.S. with our annual wages and are paying the price because of it.

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About the Author:

Jonathan P. Henderson (B.A. in History, Minor in Pol. Sci.; Univ. of Tennessee, 2012) is a resident of Knoxville, TN. He is Owner/Administrator/Editor-in-Chief of The Conservative Historical Review and a blogger/columnist for PolitiChicks and Intellectual Conservative

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