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The Explosions and Fires The Media Won’t Cover

April has been an exciting month for news outlets. From the Depp/Heard trial to Elon Musk owning Twitter and now several reports of food processing plants starting on fire due to unexplained explosions. The incident that led to all the news was on April 21st in Covington, Georgia at their General Mills food processing plant. Four trailers were hit by a plane killing the pilot and passenger. No one else was hurt or killed in the crash. An incident prior on April 13 was the plane that crashed in Idaho on a potato farm and food processing plant. These two incidents were oddly similar but sparked the realization that there have been multiple other incidents at a food and fertilizer processing plant, a feed mill, and a food pantry in the past few months.

When doing some digging it seems that in 2021 there were also food processing plants going up in flames. Maid-Rite Steak Co. in Lackawanna County, Tyson's plant in Hanceville, Alabama, Deli Star Corp. in Fayetteville, and Patak Meat Products in Cobb County. Even going back so far as 2020 where there was an Illinois food-processing plant also heavily damaged by a fire.

There are some theories that are circling that all of these are connected to the food shortages across the country and the ones we need to be planning on having. Another theory suggests that this is happening because Bill Gates is buying all the farmland. Whether they all connect or it is only coincidence, the question is will this trend end, or will it continue to spread until there are no processing plants left?

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