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Texas Bill Proposal: Banning Minors from Drag Shows

In the last year, we have seen an increase in sexual perversion being forced onto children. This includes what is being taught in schools to big corporations such as Disney coming out with content geared towards children yet includes LGBTQ+ ideology. Many liberal and progressive camp parents cheer for this and call it inclusivity and a way for a child to learn who they are and show representation. On the other side, the more conservative parents are outraged by the agenda being shoved in front of their children and they see it as perversive. The new push now is having drag queen time with children. Drag queen story hour has been the most popular, but recently there was a situation at a Drag queen show that caused a stir.

In Dallas, Texas at Mr. Misster bar on Saturday, June 4th they put together a family-friendly drag queen show called “Drag Your Kids to Pride”. Kids were allowed to dance with the drag queens and hand them money as they walked down the aisle. In the bar, there is also a big, pink neon sign that says "It's not gonna lick itself!". The fact that parents were there with their children to support men walking around in lingerie and dresses makes you question what moral compass these parents have. To stop this from happening again Texas Rep. Bryan Slaton proposed a bill to ban drag shows in the presence of minors.

Rep. Steve Toth is also pushing for similar legislation. Many people, including Matt Walsh from Daily Wire, have been tweeting about a Texas law that was passed in 2021 where you have to be 21 and older to enter a sexually-orientated business. This is a bit misleading and inaccurate as you have to be 21 and older to work in a sexually orientated business but 18 years old to be permitted on the premises. Regardless the law was still broken as many if not all children were under the age of 18. You may read the Act here.

There has also been some backlash about the new bill from critics like drag queens including Cecilia Light says this is a "form of art" and that because it is "queer" does not mean it is harmful or dangerous. Erin Zwiener who is also a Texas State Representative Tweeted multiple Tweets calling out Bryan Slaton's bill while bringing up gun control due to the tragedy in Uvalde.

Do you think other states will follow by banning minors from drag shows? Do you agree with Erin Zwiener about a parent's right to choose what their children should view or be a part of?

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