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Nucor Steel Production Fires Christian Conservative Commentator Over Controversial Video

Outspoken Christian, (AR-33) house candidate, and political commentator, Reggie Amerson, also known as King Knub, has been fired from his job at Nucor Steel Company for his controversial video surrounding Dave Rubin and gay adoptions. Reggie, who formerly worked as a technical analyst for Nucor, released a YouTube video on March 18th, 2022 titled-““Conservatives” Celebrate GAYS Kidnapping Children.” It is captioned, “Today on the Knub Hub, Reggie Amerson talks about Dave Rubin and his gay partner David Janet "adopting" two newborn boys. There are countless moms and dads who are looking for children, but this is what happens in our sick world. BlazeTV and PragerU are some of the companies that have condoned this atrocity.” The grounds by which Reggie were fired from Nucor are claimed to be that he was in violation of the company’s social media/harassment policy. In his video, Reggie had condemned Dave Rubin, author and host of the Rubin Report, as well as Pete Buttigieg, current U.S. secretary of transportation, over their choice to adopt babies within a gay marriage.

I used to think Dave Rubin was cool… then I got more realistic about my beliefs. I am a Christian man and I believe that the bible is correct.” Additionally, Reggie made the argument that for every homosexual couple that adopts a baby, one heterosexual couple is deprived of that baby, including that the baby is also being deprived of that traditional, nuclear family. Furthermore, Reggie believes that we have allowed for same-sex couples (who selectively cannot bear children) to adopt at the same stringency as straight couples who (for infertility reasons or otherwise) may have been waiting to adopt for years. Some excerpts and main objectives from the video’s transcript are included in this article. Other YouTube videos of Reggie’s include- The Truth About America First, Why I Have One Arm, and Reject Sexual Promiscuity.

When Reggie was initially being investigated, he posted publicly on his Instagram- “I got suspended from work over my last video over the Dave Rubin situation. There is an ongoing investigation…and I could get fired. I pray to God that I will be able to take care of my family. I'll be inactive for a while. They have my phone and I have to turn in my laptop as well. I'll have a much harder time communicating with you guys because of this so I hope everyone is doing okay and God bless.”

An influx of support soon came in Reggie’s favor, primarily by the online conservative community, many people sending their prayers and telling him to stand his ground. A fundraiser has also been started for Reggie on the Christian crowdfunding site, GiveSendGo.

Just less than a week after announcing his suspension, Reggie had revealed that he had been permanently fired from the company where worked for three years. “I was fired today from Nucor over my Dave Rubin video. I offended the gay in my department and he came after my livelihood. I gotta make this stuff work out though, I have a family to provide for. This gay “Conservative Christian” doesn’t care about that though. Trust me, this will not be forgotten. In due time, evil will get what it deserves. I’ll talk about this more in a live/video soon.” Reggie has since been a guest on Michael Alberto’s stream and Stew Peters’ show to discuss the incident at length.

(10:45) “Those babies won’t have a mother to nurture them… You need a mom and a dad…I am providing for my family. I am also the one to protect my family. If someone is to break into my house, I’m not about to go send my wife out there to go get the robber. That’s ridiculous. I’m the man. I’m the one who is meant to protect my family. I’m the one putting my life on the line for them.” Reggie, who has two young sons, then praises his wife for the role she’s played in their family. “If I didn’t have my wife, I don’t know what I would do, honestly. I couldn’t take care of the kids by myself. (They’re) are a handful. Without my wife, I’d be doomed… She’s a natural at it (motherhood). It’s built that way on purpose.”

(13:40) “When stuff like that happens, you have to ask- what does conservative even mean? If that is allowed to happen, what does the word conservative even really mean? Because what are you conserving at that point? You have failed to conserve the family…We have countless normal families ready to adopt right now.”

(16:48) “Being gay- people say ‘well, animals are gay. That’s just natural.’ No, it’s not, dude. What you’ve done is become a slave to your desires. You’ve allowed yourself to think that anal sex is cool. It is not. You’re just a faggot. Cut that out, dude. There is so much I want to say, but I already feel like this video’s going to be taken down as hate speech simply because of the title and the description. But, if you really want a child, marry a girl. Literally, it’s that simple. That’s how it’s always been done. If you want families, you marry the opposite gender. That’s what God told us to do- be fruitful and multiply… If you’re not doing what is necessary to make a baby… why do you want a kid in the first place?”

(18:12) Reggie explains how he believes the new generation of children will become confused by same-sex and gender-explorative parents before breaking down the meaning of his candidate slogan and visiting the comments of Dave Rubin’s viral post. Here, Reggie also briefly discusses his views on big-tent Republicanism, Milo Yiannopoulos, surrogates, the Paralympics, his Arkansas campaign and more. As he wraps up his latest segment, Reggie announces that he would soon be posting another video on how to effectively shoot at AR-15 with one hand.

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