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Rep. Cawthorn Delivers Pizza to National Guard Kicked Out of Capitol

Freshman Representative Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) delivered pizza to National Guard troops who were kicked out of the Capitol and neglected by Biden and the Democrats. A video was posted online showing Cawthorn exiting a truck and proceeding to deliver what appeared to be several dozen pizzas to the Guard members who were left in a parking deck.

By the audio, you can tell that the National Guard troops were appreciative of the gesture.

The National Guard was activated due to perceived threats of violence against the Biden Inauguration, which never occurred. In a typical fashion, the members were used, then quickly forgotten as they were no longer needed by Democrats and moved to a nearby parking garage.

Photos of the conditions in the parking garage quickly went viral online, with Democrats vowing to address the issue. There are indications that these were allowed back into the Capitol after the photos and videos emerged. The images also caused Texas Governor Greg Abbott to ask for his Guardsmen to be released and returned home.

Democrats online were vowing to get to the bottom of this, but Cawthorn took it a step further. He actually did something immediately. He took them food, offered his office for them to sleep, and said they deserve better.

Cawthorn has been under fire for his actions in DC after arrival, but this move displays character. This is a leadership move, that many in Congress could learn from. A representative is not there simply to live an elitist lifestyle. They are there to serve the American people.

Those people include these National Guardsmen from all over the country, who were neglected by the Democrats. This type of neglect and poor treatment is pathetic, especially for those who are sacrificing to serve.

This is a great start by the Biden administration to show the type of unity that they intend to display throughout the administration. These people willingly left their homes to serve their country to keep the elitists in Washington safe. The thanks that they get is to be forced into a parking garage to be out of sight.

Rep. Cawthorn is right. They deserve better.

Article originally published on The Liberty Loft.

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