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Prosecutors Backed by Soros Pledge to Resist Post Roe VS Wade Era

Photo by David Mcnew

On June 24th, 90 prosecutors throughout the nation released a “joint statement that using limited criminal justice resources to prosecute personal healthcare decisions runs counter to their obligation to pursue justice and promote public safety.”

The statement continues,

“Outlawing abortion will not end abortion; it will simply end safe abortions and prevent people from seeking the care and help they need for fear of criminal prosecution. I refuse to subject members of my community to that risk.”

“Safe Abortions” are mainly known to be done at Planned Parenthood. A facility that has been exposed within the last decade via numerous undercover organizations for misleading women about their safe medical practices.

Live Action, a human rights nonprofit, exposed Planned Parenthood as they guaranteed safe abortions to those calling in and also revealed live 911 calls from the facilities stating, “the client in our procedure room, she may be hemorrhaging”. One of which resulted in the death of Tanya Reeves in 2012.

A nearly 200-page document published by the AUL (Americans United for Life) exposes a comprehensive record of the reality of how unsafe legal abortion facilities really are.

“More than twenty- four hundred abortion facility health and safety violations reported in just the last twelve years (2008–2020), implicating well over 300 abortion businesses in hazardous, unclean abortions, in addition to the colossal toll abortion has extracted in human

lives and the physical and emotional suffering of survivors. Unsafe’s 50-state investigation exposes abortion businesses that have been operating without a license, utilizing unlicensed, unqualified, or untrained abortionists and staff, repeatedly fined for filthy conditions,

and dangerously mishandling narcotics and other drugs.”

Pro-choice turned Pro-life, Dr. Bernand Nathanson was co-founder of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) and overseer of 75,00 abortions. He recalled fraudulent tactics that he and his organization frequently practiced making abortion acceptable long-term.

“We claimed that between five and ten thousand women a year died of botched abortions,” he said. “The actual figure was closer to 200 to 300 and we also claimed that there were a million illegal abortions a year in the United States and the actual figure was close to 200,000. So, we were guilty of massive deception.”

Another man notorious for mass deception would be George Soros.

According to the Capital Research Center, “$29 million in funding from Soros through a personal network of political action committees (PACs) formed specifically to back left-wing DA candidates. In total, Soros cash has generously supported over 20 individual candidates, many of whom won their elections and remain in office today.”

"George Soros and four district attorneys he helped elect (clockwise from the top left): Kimberly Gardner, George Gascon, Larry Krasner, and Kim Foxx."- Parker Thayer

Soros’ backed prosecutors have made their opinion-based positions and money trail clear. Are they really concerned about the safety of abortion itself let alone the questionable centers they claim to stand behind?

Prosecutors in the United States have a duty to enforce the law. Should they be high-profile social justice advocates, would they be above it?

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