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Polling Midterm Nightmare in Maricopa County

Today is the first phase of the 2024 election, entering into the midterm election. However, we're still dealing with the errors of 2020 as reports flow in about Maricopa County.

Maricopa County is located in Phoenix, Arizona, with a population recorded in the United States Census of 4,496,588. Board of Supervisors of Maricopa County Bill Gates (no relation to Microsoft) reports that 20% of voting centers have issues with tabulators. Gates also mentioned that the ballot can still be dropped in the box as they are working to resolve it.

Regardless, this becomes a bigger problem as massive lines are developing across the county, making the location of McDonald's line getting ice cream look childish.

Kari Lake, the Trump-endorsed candidate for governor, tweeted the following:

While Blake Masters, also a Trump-endorsed candidate running for senate, tweeted:

We will continue reporting any news we hear with today's election; stay tuned to Red Liberty Media and go over to our Instagram tonight as we elaborate more about the election results.

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