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Opinion: We Must Create a 'Doomsday Scenario' in Which Only Conservatives Can Win

On December 11th, 2020, Texas GOP chairman Allen West suggested that 'red states' should secede to form a new Union. Coming after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected the Texas-led multi-state lawsuit to overturn presidential election results in four states on constitutional grounds, West envisioned a bloc of "law-abiding states… that will abide by the Constitution." Expanding on West's point will illustrate that states (or other actors) cannot be subverted if they aren't willing receptors of subversion. Consequently, this would be achieved as a 'parallel society’―a new, very different 'declaration of independence for the 21st century. This would be the final political solution to emancipate liberty-minded traditionalists from the Democrats' dictatorship and unelected technocracy.

West's points are well-grounded. This writer ruminates anxiously over President Biden's pronouncement in April that his administration will not consider any constitutional protections for Americans as 'absolute.' With the President's statement, our most basic constitutional protections every American has taken for granted throughout the past 232 years―from free speech, religious liberty, peaceful assembly, and gun ownership (1st and 2ndAmendments), to privacy and due process (4th and 5th Amendments), even the right to a speedy trial by one's peers (8th Amendment)―effectively died. Our civil rights as protected under the 14th Amendment, or the end of slavery or outlawing bans on voting rights for any American based on skin color after the Civil War (13th and 15th Amendments) are now compromised. And after benefitting from the filibuster 327 times in 2020, the Democrats seek to eliminate it in 2021 so that a simple majority of Senate votes could advance their radical agenda (nationalizing elections under H.R. 1, etc.) in a manner previously possible only through a 60-seat Senate majority. A High Court featuring a 7-6 edge in liberal justices would serve as a static aggregator of socialist legislation and bureaucracy. Furthermore, it would enable and embolden even more radical Democrats in the future to pass racial legislation without judicial restraints that mirror South Africa under Apartheid and its present 'anti-white laws.

This calls for a plan of action with a predetermined outcome, a 'Doomsday scenario,' if you will, that only conservatives can win. We can either win back our country intact through the states or co-opt the Democrats to complete the total bankruptcy of the federal government, and therefore dissolve the Union, similar to the collapses of the Roman Empire in the West and the Soviet Union. The only way to save America is to deconstruct the federal government from within. As West said, that means every 'red state' must agree to form a massive bloc known as a 'Constitutional Sanctuary' that abides by the Constitution, not the Biden administration or an activist federal judiciary. Realizing this 'Doomsday scenario' will demand a complete reimagining of Western thought and customs as they've existed since the 18th century. We, therefore, must decentralize power from Washington's permanent bureaucracies and over the economy to the state and local authorities. What we cannot gain in victory, we'll deny the Left in opportunity.

Nothing less will do.

The new 'common good conservative' consensus must embrace the principles of subsidiarity as the chief means of reinforcing the 10th Amendment. It must declare an eternal war on multiculturalism by rejecting narratives like "truth over facts" and "moral correctness over factual accuracy." It must suppress the threat and intolerance of the new 'identity socialism' driven by race, gender, and sexual orientation that threaten to balkanize America and adopt a form of class warfare born not of envy for the successful, but as a war against all who would disrupt and threaten popular sovereignty and national solidarity. America cannot be a good place for anyone to live unless it is a good place for everyone. Our real struggle, therefore, lies not with simple ideological '-isms' as in the past, but with the suppression of the working class, free speech, and religious liberty by technocrats, the media, ethno-nationalists, along K-Street in Washington, Wall Street and the United Nations in New York City, as well as Silicon Valley and Hollywood. Therefore, we must recognize that the constitutional rights guaranteed to all Americans must reign supreme over the civil rights of the few. In doing so, we must establish that while the rights of the individual and those of minorities can be equally well safeguarded, they in no case should hold primacy over the consensus of broader society.

Our strategy closely parallels Bum Phillips' praise for college football coaching legend Paul' Bear' Bryant:

"Bryant can take his'n and beat yours'n, and then he can turn around and take yours'n and beat his'n."

'Common good conservatives' must plainly articulate their willingness to complete the bankruptcy of this country by enabling the Democrats to continue spending money unfettered on certain items, thereby forcing the Federal Reserve to print more cash. Either the Left will be the first to slam on the brakes, or Congress and the Treasury will continue papering over our system into bankruptcy. Finding ways to accelerate and complete this process won't be hard. With inflation rapidly increasing and federal spending out of control under the Biden administration, the debt is unsustainable, and the federal government itself is insolvent. Some strategies to achieve this, for example, could be the GOP's willingness to spend more on things like slavery reparations than the Democrats can possibly offer by adding the poison pill that any black person choosing to accept these funds does so under the condition that they must submit to forced relocation to African nations offering a 'right of return' through a diplomatic arrangement. If the Democrats accept, all is well and good. If they do not, the other end is to draw the ire of the majority of the black community, up to and including civil unrest, where it is hoped it could result in demanding more reparation money, even if it costs them their citizenship. With the caveat of securing their 'right of return' to Africa in particular, reparations will radically increase the national debt, requiring further quantitative easing and inevitably result in hyperinflation.

Next, 'common good conservatives' must consolidate future campaigns to feature anti-woke initiatives. They must ban all forms of 'critical theory' in public schools, public television programs, and other publicly-funded community operations in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. States should create agencies similar to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to regulate what can be aired over television and radio stations, in accordance to time slots and content, and the types of behavior permitted in government institutions and public schools, but not retailers or other businesses in the private sector. (See the old Hays Code from Hollywood for guidance, minus its prohibition of miscegenation.) Furthermore, any media outlet which leaks unauthorized information from state authorities or cites 'undocumented sources' should be stiffly fined.

Additionally, 'common good conservatives' should organize 'mostly peaceful protests.' Sensationalize the growing degeneracy and moral bankruptcy among our elites by purloining themes from left-wing slogans, such as "We are the 99%," or "For the Many, Not the Few," designed to project raw emotion to subvert the Left's wanton logic and rationale. Examples might include:

  1. OPPOSITION TO CRITICAL RACE THEORY: The "87%" versus the "13%" should be weaponized as a counterrevolutionary tool, not a reactionary one. It's a powerful tool to ridicule and harass the black nationalist movements and the white elites' adoption of an afrocentric narrative for America. Phrases such as "We are the 87%" or "No more crackers stirring our melting pot" project the outrage of 87% of the country versus the agenda for the vast majority of the 13% comprised of blacks. It mocks ethnonationalism while promoting civic nationalism;

  2. OPPOSITION TO CRITICAL GENDER THEORY: Applying slogans such as "I am not part of the alphabet," "I am not just a letter," "America is not Alphabet Soup," or "We're not crackers in your Alphabet Soup," is highly effective when dealing with the LGBT movements;

  3. OPPOSITION TO ANTI-CHRISTIAN DIALOGUE: Referring to a line from the Book of Genesis 9:13-16 ("I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth."), slogans such as "God communicates in rainbows, not through letters" will trigger outrage at the sacrilege emerging from the LGBT communities.

Laws recognizing American English as the official language on the one hand, while acknowledging there can be no end of history under global governance, means prioritizing safeguarding our sovereignty and protecting our dictionary and religious texts sacred to the Judeo-Christian traditions from any legal or political possibility of institutional revisionism. Under this proposal, no words may be banned by the government, nor can social media or public and private sector employers punish users or employees for political commentary subjectively viewed as 'offensive' or 'hate speech.' Where they don't presently exist, all states, cities, and counties (but not the federal government) should form Departments of Culture and Communications similar to Quebec, whereby each state, city, and county would be responsible for preserving, protecting, and promoting their local history and culture.

Lastly, 'common good conservatives' should ban equity initiatives as well as all affirmative action laws. Laws that expand on present libel and slander protections for ordinary people against direct unfounded accusations of bigotry according to some subjectively interpreted unconscious bias should become a new reality. Engage in initiatives and programs that promote talent and virtue. Tolerate nothing but merit.

As the lack of confidence in America's government and the viability and value of the U.S. dollar erodes, more Americans are investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin that so far are free from Federal Reserve regulations. The result could be a new economy made manifest and unique in all of human history, powered by blockchain technology through a network of organizations, systems, companies, and individuals in which security and decentralization will be its prime characteristics. Cryptocurrencies may eventually replace the 'floating' U.S. dollar, fueling the balkanization of an irreconcilable divide between the conservative heartland of America and the nation's socialist coastlines. This provides the opportunity for the new red state 'Constitutional Sanctuary' to initiate phasing in cryptocurrencies and economies driven by blockchain while permitting (and encouraging) businesses to conduct all transactions through cryptocurrencies at the exclusion of the dollar. Therefore, no penalties should apply or be enforced against businesses choosing to reject regular fiat money since the federal government violates the Constitution by not basing the dollar on either a gold or silver standard (Article 1, Sec. 10). There's also no constitutional amendment legally providing for the existence of the Federal Reserve for the various states. This would be a positive development as American hegemony continues to decline and the dollar risks losing its position as the global currency to China, the European Union, Russia, and the restoration of the old British Empire's bloc under CANZUK.

Disenfranchised business owners and others who reject the corporate-driven 'cancel culture' are now starting businesses in 'red states' where it's safer to invest. Taxation is low and economically less regulated. There's a 183 trillion dollar shortfall on entitlement programs in the federal government over the coming decades, and soon there will be more debt owed in just interest than on military spending. And with America already insolvent, many will question whether it will be worth saving as the nation balkanizes under racial and regional grounds. So, given Big Tech's systematic suppression of anyone providing competing narratives involving COVID-19, climate change, Black Lives Matter, and the 2020 presidential election, creating a 'parallel society' powered by a blockchain economy and Constitution similar to our present one is attainable through a coordinated effort by 'red states' to 'declare' their political and economic independence.

All these are acts that could nullify the Union itself as a political reality. To save America, it may first be necessary to deconstruct what's currently destroying it. And all that's required now is the willingness to do it.

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About the Author:

Jonathan P. Henderson (B.A. in History, Minor in Pol. Sci.; Univ. of Tennessee, 2012) is a resident of Knoxville, TN. He is Owner/Administrator/Editor-in-Chief of The Conservative Historical Review and a blogger/columnist for PolitiChicks and Intellectual Conservative.

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