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Opinion: Joe Biden's 'Cheat Sheet' for His Women's Agenda Is Ridiculous

Joe Biden's Instagram features a series of "Cheat sheets" that spell out his administration's agenda for the American economy, healthcare, women, and black-Americans. I chose to focus on Biden's Cheat Sheet for the "Women's Agenda " because I feel that, as a woman, I have an obligation to call out this partisan and vague B.S.

Immediately, Joe Biden suggests that women are not receiving equal pay (presumably) for the same work as men. Anyone on the right side of the aisle could tell you that this is factually inaccurate and has been debunked countless times. One could also mention that American women make, on average, more money than men until reaching their 30's, primarily due to women receiving more degrees in higher education until men start to obtain more hours of labor and promotions later on in life.

Biden's plan to expand access to health care and lower health care costs for women put next to Donald Trump's "agenda" is telling about how he feels about heavy government involvement under the guise of caring for American health. We have seen firsthand when the government claims to care about the collective over the individual. We know now from having Obamacare indirectly raise our insurance and fining people for not paying into their mandated insurance that his administration has little-to-no interest in giving the free-market any flexibility regarding our healthcare. Women are allowed to drop their insurance, just as we're allowed to drop razors with the "pink-tax" for men's razors instead. To discriminate based on sex is outlawed. If you're a woman who feels that your healthcare provider discriminated against you, leave or sue. However, I can almost guarantee that for the majority of women, inflated prices would stem from a variety of different factors if they'd just ask the doctor. Women should be more upset at the price controls currently being implemented. We're back in the WHO. Insulin prices have gone up 10-fold. Suicide rates and opioid abuse are off the charts, yet our current President claims to care about our health? Give me a break.

I'm not going to touch on Roe v. Wade too much. The leader of the free world believes that having access to free abortions helps women. I will say, though, that if Roe v. Wade were overturned, the regulations on abortions would still be left to individual states and not outlawed on the Federal level. Worst case scenario- a girl jumps state lines to commit what her state would deem a crime. But bottom line, Joe Biden, like many Americans, believes that abortion is a women's right issue when in reality, it is a human rights issue. I imagine this will continue to dominate the discourse throughout my lifetime.

To address all women's needs and rights, including women of color, trans women, women with disabilities, and women veterans, is very inclusive of our President. Also, featuring a jab at Donald Trump's agenda to Rollback progress for all women… I can easily say that the women who came out of Trump's administration have been far more empowering than the feminist politicians on the left. The latter keep trying to make women defenseless while simultaneously advocating to release violent criminals from prison. These politicians, mind you, are the same ones who want to blur the line between men and women by letting biological men play on our sports teams. Thank goodness Joe Biden is worried enough about trans women to allow them into the military and for us to pay for their transitions to help counter their crippling gender dysphoria. God bless him for encouraging the shutdown of thousands of women-owned businesses and not addressing the literal silencing of censored women across the U.S. C'mon, man.

Biden's final bit on expanding protections for people who've experienced sexual assault sounds like a great idea. I have no qualms with this. Though it does beg the question that perhaps, I just haven't researched enough on, how exactly he will "expand" these protections?

I agree with some of Joe Biden's moves this year, but his women's agenda isn't it. His administration doesn't represent all women. However, I look forward to seeing what Joe Biden will do next for American women.

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About the Author:

Bean Dashnea is currently a student of foreign language and political science. She has lived between the U.S. and Europe for nearly 14 years but considers Texas home. After Bean changed her party registration from Democrat to Republican circa 2018, she immediately recognized the public discourse shift. She knew she was caught in the war on culture and information. Bean currently works with local Republican chapters and primarily advocates for smaller government and geopolitical awareness.

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