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Opinion: Conservatives are Tired of Tossing Their Pearls at the Republican Swine Who Trample on Them

Like swine adorned in pearl necklaces, the Republican Party habitually wallows in the mud of its stupidity. So it has since 2008 when grassroots conservatives rose to take the Bush faction to task over its behavior after the market crash and the Iraq War. The populist backlash in 2016, highlighted by the political novice Donald Trump's election to the presidency, resulted in the Republican establishment's collaboration with the Democrats to end his unorthodox but historic run four years later. In light of February's CPAC convention in Orlando, during which conservatives gave Trump their overwhelming support to be the party's 2024 presidential nominee, we must again acknowledge that the dubious outcomes from November 3rd have ripped off the scab from an old wound that still stings after 13 years. And contrary to what many partisans otherwise suggest, trouble is afoot.

The Bush Republicans intend to retake power; to preserve its waning influence, they'd prefer to lose elections with dignity than achieve victory under a new, popular platform. The new populist GOP is snatching large chunks of voters from the Democrats' big tent' (white blue collar workers, Hispblue-collars, and black men), and is the new party of choice for the middle and working classes. According to Wendell Husebø at Breitbart News, the 2022 pre-midterm election analysis suggests that "Democrats are presented with a tricky midterm election cycle in which independent swing voters are turning against Biden." In layman's terms, the American people are repulsed by President Biden's hard 'woke' agenda. Yet two weeks ago, the embattled Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), a daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, swore she'd "do everything (she) can to ensure that the former president never again gets anywhere near the Oval Office." Along with 35 establishment Republicans in the House and six GOP senators, she voted in support of the Democrat-proposed January 6th Commission in a stunning homage to McCarthyism. In doing so, the Bush Republicans' agenda to purge the Trump movement will rip a page from the annuls of past illicit activities against partisan contrarians within the Tea Party in concert with the Obama administration a decade ago. However, this time, they intend to persecute the 74+ million voters who casted their ballots for Trump and themselves last November.

Evidence that the Republican National Committee may have sabotaged Trump's 2020 campaign, according to Dick Morris, reflects persuasively in its refusal to fund campaign ads on television, unlike in the past. By September and October of 2020, the Trump campaign was now responsible for purchasing its TV ads and could only afford for half the air time as the Democrats. In addition, in November and December, Sen. Mitch McConnell attempted to intimidate his Senate subordinates, skeptical of the results in the six states (PA, MI, WI, GA, AZ, NV), which denied Trump his reelection from challenging them. After the January 6th Incident, McConnell denounced Trump on the Senate floor, claiming they were intentionally "fed lies… by the President and other powerful people." Yet irregularities and concerns over fraud and discovery of fraudulent ballots are currently yielding forensic audits in Maricopa County, AZ, and New Hampshire, with others likely to follow soon in Fulton County, GA, and Wisconsin. In addition, machine irregularities involving Dominion software have become smoking guns for potential fraud against Republicans, resulting in litigation or investigations in Antrem County, MI, and Luzerne County, PA. Remember: McConnell, ex-leader of the GOP's erstwhile Senate majority, could hardly contain himself when he congratulated his personal friend on his 'victory' shortly after November 3rd, under a system which he says 'works.'

So, who now is the liar? Not President Trump.

While the GOP's gain of 15 House seats left Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi with the lowest margin of majority in 80 years, McConnell willfully sacrificed both GOP seats in the Georgia U.S. Senate election runoff in his political tug-of-war with President Trump when he emphatically condemned his demand for $2,000 COVID-19 stimulus checks as "socialism for the rich." While the party establishment in Washington celebrated placing the American people on a diet with $600 stimulus checks and aid for Pakistan's gender research program, McConnell and incumbent Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue were destroyed in Democrat attack ads throughout the state of Georgia. Like the turtle McConnell commonly personifies in political cartoons, he never emerges from his shell inside the Beltway to observe the struggles of ordinary people. Therefore Trump, who aggressively campaigned with Loeffler and Perdue in Georgia in the days leading to the runoffs, isn't directly to blame for their defeats, as McConnell tells us. Despite all this, though, the arrogant Republicans mistakenly continued to communicate that they feel entitled to the votes of every registered party voter because the left-wing option, they told them, is crazy. They didn't care that Georgia Republicans took up the unhinged Atlanta attorney Lin Wood's advice to protest the recalcitrance of Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger (both Republicans) to do anything to meaningfully address what's proven to be significant evidence of election fraud.

Well, on January 5th, Georgia Republicans told those crazy professional partisans that blackmailing voters into supporting candidates who didn't care about them would no longer be a viable strategy. Instead, they told them they'd have to earn their votes the old-fashioned way. So hundreds of thousands 'voted' by boycotting their party, which had 'blackpilled' them after nearly 30 years of engendering anxiety, fear, and mistrust in the age of globalization. The result that night was a Democratic Party that had increasingly drifted to the left drove the GOP down in the heart of Dixie. For a while anyway, the establishment revealed what it believes to be the party's return to its rightful place as the Democrats' controlled opposition. For America, however, Georgia's two incumbent Republican senators lost to their socialist Democrat challengers Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. As a result, the Democrats now control the Senate and, therefore, both Congress and the White House. A 50-50 partisan split in the Senate will only require that Vice President Kamala Harris cast decisive tie-breaking votes on behalf of the Democrats. And their agenda, after just four and a half months, has been radical, terrifying, and executed with breathtaking speed.

Donald Trump (top); David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler (bottom, left to right)

Moving forward, this schism may seem advantageous to the Democrats, as they've hedged their bets on a weakened Bush/McCain/Romney wing breathing new life into the party's geriatric ward. Even if the Republican ancien regime successfully purges the MAGA movement, this wouldn't necessarily drawback the Never Trumpers, and indeed not the Lincoln Project. Nevertheless, Liz Cheney was replaced as GOP House Conference Chair three weeks ago by Trump-backed Elise Stefanik (R-NY). Despite trailing her Trump-backed primary for by double digits in her Wyoming district, Cheney sees the question of her reelection as "a referendum on the future" of the party. John Boehner's audiobook trashing the GOP's current populist push also features him shouting "Fuck you, Ted Cruz!" at the end of his narration. Last week, Paul Ryan condemned Trump's "cult of personality" and populism in a speech at the Reagan Library while declaring the party must return to Bush Republicanism. And George W. Bush, the establishment's warmongering paragon of virtue who had remained mostly silent throughout the Obama presidency, recently panned the current Republican platform as "protectionist, isolationist, and to a degree, nativist." The American people will quickly note that his opposition to President Biden's plan to withdraw from Afghanistan demonstrates how little he and Cheney have learned from waging two wars simultaneously through lies. He nearly assimilated the sovereign nations of Canada and Mexico along with the U.S. into a proposed North American Union without consulting Congress. 'Dubya' was so awful in fact, conservative pundit Ryan Girdusky told Buck Sexton that he considers him to have been "the worst president since Lyndon Baines Johnson." In Girdusky's eyes, Bush was even worse than Jimmy Carter, who's often tagged as the worst president of all time.

What happened between November 3rd and January 6th couldn't have come at a worse time for the party or America. The 2022 midterms show lots of promise, but not if the GOP fails to unite as one party under Trump's platform. Theoretically, the MAGA movement could revolt against the establishment by drawing nearly 72% of Trump voters away from his 2020 election to form a new party. THEREFORE, the GOP would wisely avoid another electoral disaster like in 2020 by moving on past the January 6th incident very quickly. Otherwise, more voters will stay home rather than waste their votes reelecting members of the Uniparty and those they're primarying against America First candidates. Like swine, establishment Republicans trample on their loyal supporters after they've donated their pearls to them. They've proven they're willing to vote along with the socialists whenever they can grift off whatever the Democrats feed them. And they're becoming more aggressive in their attacks on the Trump wing.

It's crucial, therefore, that Donald Trump's MAGA wing provides America with a national front against the 'woke' D.C. establishment. The Bush Republicans never will.

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About the Author:

Jonathan P. Henderson (B.A. in History, Minor in Pol. Sci.; Univ. of Tennessee, 2012) is a resident of Knoxville, TN. He is Owner/Administrator/Editor-in-Chief of The Conservative Historical Review and a blogger/columnist for PolitiChicks and Intellectual Conservative.

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