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Newborn Baby Boy Discovered in New Mexico Dumpster

On Monday, a story that exemplifies the demoralization of America began to surface out of New Mexico. Last Friday, An 18-year-old woman was caught on a security camera casually pulling up to a dumpster and throwing away a black garbage bag. Nothing was suspect about her actions until about six hours later, three people were dumpster diving and heard cries coming from the dumpster. They opened the black garbage bag to discover a newborn baby boy inside with the umbilical cord still attached to him. As they wrapped him in a towel, they quickly called 911, and the baby was taken to a hospital in Texas, where he is now in stable condition. He would not have survived if those three individuals hadn’t shown up that night.

Upon looking at security footage, police identified the mother as Alexis Avila, who admitted she was guilty and claimed she didn’t know she was pregnant until the day before she gave birth, when she began experiencing stomach pain. She said she panicked and did not know what to do after unexpectedly having a baby. Avila will now be charged with attempted first-degree murder or felony child abuse, determined at the preliminary hearing.

New Mexico is one of a handful of states with a safe haven law. This law allows parents to leave their baby 90 days or younger at a secure location such as a fire station without criminal consequences. Parents who cannot take care of their baby are encouraged to take advantage of this law rather than abandon their baby—the demoralization of America and the dehumanization of the unborn lead to situations such as this one.

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