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Narcofornia: Daily Caller’s Doc Exposing Cartel Chaos

The Daily Caller released its second investigative documentary, Narcofornia, hosted by Jorge Ventura. As the sequel to Ventura’s first film, Cartellville, the film sheds light on the difficulties citizens face caused by illegal trafficking and emphasizes the tremendous environmental damage. Narcofornia is educational and exposes the neglect of California governmental representatives. The film’s tagline is, “How progressives sold out rural towns to foreign drug lords.”

Ventura interviewed Ex-Game Warden Deputy of Fish and Wildlife, John Nores, for a first hand account of illegal activity in Northern California. Nores shared harrowing experiences from his time as Warden Deputy and passionately discussed the destruction illegal growers bring to the environment.

Many voices were heard in Narcofornia as viewers are shown a Town Hall meeting and a City Council meeting in smaller California counties where citizens feel abandoned by their state government. Ventura allows his interviewees to speak their minds freely and captures the emotional investment in the issue as citizens announce their plans to leave their formerly safe and beloved communities.

Viewers are taken to abandoned growing sites to see debris scattered about a previously protected and healthy environment. One marijuana plant was located on stolen land and viewers hear from the owner left to face a destructive and perhaps irreversible aftermath.

Ventura ventured into an active growing site alongside law enforcement to film a raid. Balanced perspectives were offered as several detainees were interviewed at the site. Ventura extended sympathy for the living conditions and treatment for the workers at the marijuana farms.

The primary illegal growers of marijuana in Northern California are the Hmong people from Asia. Narcofornia explores racial tensions between the Hmong’s and the California citizens. Though California residents' only issue is the lack of regulation of the growth and the environmental damages due to the invading illegal drug growers.

Although the 2016 legalization of marijuana was supposed to eliminate illegal activity, residents have experienced exactly the opposite. Citizens have seen a rise in crime, sex trafficking and labor trafficking. Illegal growers also bring illegal, toxic substances which are poured back into the water. California residents are concerned they will not have enough water because in addition to being in a state-wide drought, the growers also steal the water.

An interview with legal grower Curtis Borle showed the effects of the illegal activity on citizens trying to obey the law. Citizens of all convictions are shown in this film, enraged that their tax dollars are doing nothing for them. They feel as though “Gavin Newsom despises” them.

Only lasting half an hour, each minute is packed with hard and fast facts about the damages illegal marijuana growth brings. It is a must-watch for any patriot. As the film powerfully concludes, “We gotta take care of the home front or we’re not gonna have a home front left,” Nores said.

The Daily Caller original film hosted by Jorge Ventura can be viewed at

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