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Mike Pence and a Potential 2024 Presidential Run

The man who had us all fooled, Mike Pence, was the right-hand man of Donald J. Trump throughout his term as President. As described by John Adams, the Vice President of the United States doesn’t have the most notable role in office, yet Pence fulfilled several achievements during his time.

Pence continuously made his stance against abortion known. He spoke at the annual March for Life, lobbied Trump to take extremely pro-life positions on abortion, and frequently met with anti-abortion activists to discuss how the White House could further their agenda. He remained unapologetically Christian and pushed for the role of God to be recognized in America, something that hasn’t been present in quite some time. He urged Trump to sign a “religious liberty” executive order on the National Day of Prayer and advocated for tax dollars to fund religious schools.

Pence spent a lot of time and energy pushing the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, who was known as a “far-right, anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ” advocate.

An additional role Pence had as Vice President was to head Trump’s Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity. Ironic, right?

Mike Pence made his true colors known when he certified the election results of the robbed election on January 6th, 2020. Consequently, angered Trump-loyalists went to the streets of Washington D.C., claiming Pence as a “traitor” to them and the President. Trump showed his displeasure with the Vice President by attacking Pence on social media in regard to the disloyalty shown by his actions on January 6th. Indifferent of the President’s dissidence, Pence remarked that he will “always be proud that we did our part, on that tragic day, to reconvene the Congress and fulfill our duty under the Constitution and the laws of the United States.” After not lifting a finger to help forbid the stolen election or impeachment of President Trump, many republicans foresee Pence as no better than infamous Rino Liz Cheney or Kevin McCarthy. Since, Trump and Pence have kept substantial distance from each other, and Trump has slammed Pence as a cowardice “human conveyer belt.”

To further prove his unfaithfulness to Trump, Mike Pence has recently hinted about a potential 2024 Presidential race. A report from The Washington Post reveals that in late July, Pence spoke in front of a South Carolina church, failing to mention Trump in sounds of a “stump speech of a presidential candidate seeking evangelical votes in the South’s first primary state.” Pence’s political endorsements for 2022 primaries across the U.S. counterpose Trump’s endorsements, and he and Trump have separately traveled to D.C. to give policy addresses about the 2024 Republican agenda.

Pence has not made a direct statement on whether a 2024 Presidential Campaign is in his future, but he hasn’t ruled it out. A report from USA TODAY showed that Pence will not let his decision be influenced on whether or not Trump runs in 2024. Furthermore, when asked by The New York Times about a potential participation in the race, Pence said “We’ll go where we’re called,” and that he will be letting prayer determine his choice.

Mike Pence may have an optical reputation to the average right-wing voter, but does the recent VP have what it takes to get America back on its feet after the catastrophic rein of the Biden Regime? And better yet, can America truly be saved without having a motivated leader such as Donald Trump in power… or will good-for-nothing GOP politicians continue failing to achieve victory using Trumpism without Trump?

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