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Melania Trump Auctioned off $170,000 Hat and Other Items on Her New Website

Former First Lady Melania Trump has joined the NFT business with a three-item auction, as shown on her new website.

The auction consisted of The Head of State Collection, featuring a white broad-brimmed hat designed by Hervé Pierre. The headwear was worn by Melania Trump with a matching white skirt suit during the 2018 State Visit of French President Emmanuel Macron. She combined the outfit with denim blue, white-heeled Louboutin pumps with their iconic red soles- hinting at the colors of the French flag.

In addition to the accessory, the package also included a watercolor painting depicting Mrs. Trump wearing the hat, and an NFT, a digital art piece, signed by Melania and French artist Marc-Antoine Coulon, who illustrated both works.

In a comment made to Breitbart News, Mrs. Trump stated, “I was very proud to represent the United States and to welcome President and Mrs. Macron during the State Visit with the Republic of France; and I am excited to offer a piece of history during this auction.”

The Slovenian-born First Lady required that all bids were to be placed in Solana (SOL) tokens, a cryptocurrency.

Although the initial bidding price was set for the equivalent of $250,000, the final offer ended at roughly $170,000, a result of a crypto crash, during the last week of bidding.

Melania Trump announced on Twitter that a part of the sale would “support children from the foster care community.”

Coulon also designed Mrs. Trump’s first NFT titled “Melania’s Vision," a watercolor painting of her eyes which sold in December for $150 a piece.

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