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Maxwell Could Face 80 Years In Prison – Will The Justice System Expose Pedophilia?

New York, New York, USA - June 2, 2011: The Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse located in lower Manhattan at 40 Centre Street.

Opinion - The Ghislaine Maxwell trial has closed and has entered deliberations. It was previously believed that a verdict would be reached Wednesday, December 22, 2021, because Ghislaine Maxwell was “highly likely “to start “naming names”. Closing arguments were done Monday in her trial. Due to the Manhattan court’s planned Christmas break that begins on Thursday, jury deliberations were expected to be quick, but the jury has been dismissed until Monday after Christmas break.

Maxwell is facing six counts in her federal trial, which all relate to accusations that she orchestrated the sexual exploitation of young girls for her longtime companion and well-known sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Here are all the counts she has been charged with:

  • Count one: Conspiracy to entice minors to travel to engage in illegal sex acts

  • Count two: Enticement of a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts

  • Count three: Conspiracy to transport minors with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity

  • Count four: Transportation of a minor with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity

  • Count five and six: Perjury - the offense of willfully telling an untruth or making a misrepresentation under oath.

All very severe crimes that put her in prison for the rest of her life. She could be facing imprisonment for up to 80 years total. Maxwell denies all of these charges, pleading not guilty saying that she has not committed a crime. It is hard to believe someone as close to Epstein isn’t involved whatsoever. Her lawyers say that she is just a scapegoat for Epstein.

Those familiar with Jeffrey Epstein might remember a meme that circulated on the internet saying “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself”. While this may have been something turned into a meme, it had the whole world questioning his situation. Epstein was under suicide watch prior to his holding in the Manhattan Correctional Center but was taken off by a high-level psychologist. Either Epstein was wrongfully taken off suicide or Epstein fooled the psychologists. Either way this doesn’t make his suicide make sense. The guards supposedly fell asleep and surfed the internet, leaving him unmonitored. It is strange that such a high-profile individual ended up with these guards. He was also supposed to have a cellmate. His previous one got moved but no one else ever came in, leaving him completely alone. He was also under 24/7 camera surveillance, but no footage of the event can be found.

With the recent news from BuzzFeed that the Central Intelligence Agency has Over the past 14 years, secretly collected evidence that at least 10 of its employees and contractors committed sexual crimes involving children. It leaves Americans untrusting of their government to be honest about every aspect of this case. The CIA incident is not the first of its kind this has happened before with other government officials and powerful individuals.

With the case reaching its end, we can only hope that the justice system works to expose pedophilia and bring the truth to light. With deliberations being dragged out, it puts doubt in the mind of the people making them think justice will not be served. They have a right to feel that way and we are obligated to report on the truth.

Corrupt government actors are notorious for hiding information from the public to protect themselves. The results of this trial, if done properly, can be world-changing and shed even more light and on the ongoing problem of widespread pedophilia and normalization of it in the world.

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