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Many Criticize CNN for Tweet Linking Obesity to Serious Covid-19 Cases and Death

On Monday, CNN posted an article titled "Can weight loss help protect against Covid-19," and now critics are asking 'where have you been?' due to the already well-known data from the beginning of the pandemic.

CNN’s tweet said “People who are overweight or obese are at a much higher risk of much more severe disease and even death from Covid-19 -- and one new study suggests that losing weight can reduce that risk”

The article cited studies from 2020 and 2021 that showed hospitalizations from Covid-19 were linked to Cardiometabolic health and the body-mass index.

Some critics of CNN on social media said “Why did it take so long for CNN to acknowledge this fact?

Another saying,” We know. Where have you been?”

Many online are pointing out that the past 2 years, the government has pushed citizens to get the vaccine. In exchange, they could have received free donuts, cheeseburgers, and money. In the same time during a health crisis, gyms were closed and labeled non-essential stopping people from building their body and staying healthy during the pandemic. All the while, NBC and other outlets have been pushing that “coronavirus fat shaming hurts everyone.”

The question on many people’s minds is why hasn’t the media and the government pushed for a healthier lifestyle during the pandemic? Especially since there is research showing better fitness can save your life. Obesity is the second leading cause of death, however it can be prevented. The CNN article reported that according to a 2019 study, 30% of Covid-19 hospitalizations were with people who are considered obese. According to a study from August, those who are obese are almost 50% more likely to get Covid with a 113% higher chance of being hospitalized, a 74% higher chance of being placed in the ICU and a 48% increased chance of death. Another interesting find includes the rates which show countries with higher obesity rates have a 10 times higher Covid-19 death rate.

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