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Kanye West Versus The Mob

Kanye West has hit number one on Twitter this Super Bowl Sunday due to his continual posting on Instagram regarding his on going issues with Kim and Pete.

Many people seem to not care too much for the issues being made public, yet the whole Kardashian family airs everything for the world to see. Why are people and the media trying to shut down Kanye? All he wants is his family back and to speak his mind on his family issues.

The bigger message here that Ye is posting about seems to come in two parts. One message is about having his family back and being a present parent. The second message is about how toxic media and social media is.

The first message focuses on how important his family has always been to him. He cares for his children and that is why seeing his daughter North West having her own Tik Tok broke him. He claimed he was not part of this decision. The post has since been taken down; however, it then sparked his next message of how terrible social media can be for children and how terrible the mainstream media is.

His second message has continued through these last few days. One post was Pete Davidson and his awful Hilary Clinton tattoo. Kanye went off pointing out how there are specific groups running the media:

He goes on further discussing who owns what streaming services and how they are all connected. He then highlights who has been influencing Kim, Pete’s derogatory beliefs of where Kanye should stand on the political spectrum due to his skin color, and finally making the connection that the media has “played” with his family.

Kanye is waking up to the harmful truth of social media and how powerful the media groups truly are. The good news is he is not afraid of speaking out the truth and calling out others. The world is upside down. A man begging for his family back is abnormal behavior while a mother of three hooking up with a man who is, in Kanye’s words, garbage is completely acceptable:

Should Kanye back down or should he keep fighting? Are people starting to form against him due to his conservative family views? We are seeing a shift in the culture. The attack is not just on Kanye but all of us and we need to wake up and see it.

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