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Judge Says Omicron Variant Could Disrupt Maxwell Trial

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Opinion - The Ghislaine Maxwell trial is running longer than Americans would like. It is believed that the trial will be going on much longer due to Covid, the judge says. Even saying the trial could be disrupted because of it, specifically referring to the omicron variant.

On December 28, 2021, Judge Alison Nathan says they face “a high and escalating risk that jurors and trial participants may need to quarantine” - this would disrupt the trial. The Judge continued by saying this would put at risk their ability to complete the trial. The jurors have reached about 32 in deliberations over the course of 5 days, and have yet to reach a verdict. The fear of covid has been placed primarily on the Omicron variant.

This seems unusual, especially when you learn that the CDC says it overestimated omicron by more than 200%. That number is extremely high. 200% makes an astronomical difference in actual numbers. This isn’t the first time that Covid numbers were overestimated, this certainly will not be the last time. Back in May, CDC director Walensky admitted that Covid deaths are inflated. 94 percent had 2 to 3 serious ailments and were mostly older aged. Only 6% were covid alone. Even those above the age of 70, have a 94.6 percent chance of surviving covid. At that age, the immune system is extremely compromised. This information can all be found at

The jury is continuing to request transcripts of testimony from the trials and asking for other material indicating that they are working diligently according to Menniger. It is still being said that by Maxwell’s defense lawyers that she is being scapegoated by prosecutors for Epstein after the US government says that he committed suicide and was unable to go to trial because of his ‘suicide’ that took place in August of 2019. This idea seems deflective, mainly because there is much documentation both written and digital (pictures) of them being together. It’s unlikely that someone as prominent as Maxwell would have no part of Epstein’s pedophilic schemes. She is accused of recruiting and grooming four teenage girls to be molested by Epstein between 1994 and 2004. Jane who was 14 in 1994 testified that Epstein was sexually abusing her at that time in which Maxwell participated on multiple occasions. Her case is the cause of two of the six counts Maxwell faces which include enticing a minor to travel for illegal sexual activity and transporting a minor for illegal sex acts. Jane went into immensely precise detail of the events, leaving no room for ambiguity. As we know, Maxwell pleaded not guilty to all 6 of the charges. Her lawyers argue that the memories of the alleged victims to have been ‘corrupted’ in the decades since the abuse allegedly occurred.

In the coming days and perhaps weeks, it will be increasingly important to keep up Ghislaine Maxwell, what the Judge will do with the case due to the Omicron variant even though we know the number of cases have been vastly inaccurately reported. This is an extremely high profile case where the world wants justice for the crimes Epstein and all who were/are involved in the sexual abuse of children.

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