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Hunter Biden: Another Case of Media Bias

In the photo: Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden is making headlines this week for yet again using racially insensitive language. The President's son has found himself in hot water on more than one occasion in the short period during which his father has been in office. Most of Hunter's scandals have been revealed in the form of text messages and pictures found on a laptop belonging to him.

Hunter does not have the most outstanding track record in terms of building a reputation fitting for the child of a President. It may not be fair to judge a person based on their parents' career path, but Hunter's issues extend far beyond simply not being diplomatic or professional. His messy personal life is one of disgrace that is unacceptable to any logical or moral individual. The majority of individuals working in the mainstream media are neither logical nor moral, considering they have no apparent issue with Hunter's behavior. We will touch more on that later, though.

Let's start by going over a quick rundown of Hunter's scandals in order to paint a picture of his character. Perhaps one of his most disturbing life choices has been beginning an affair with and later dating the widow of his deceased brother, Beau. Beau tragically died in 2015 after suffering from brain cancer. His widow Hallie began dating Hunter a year after his passing. Hunter and his first wife, Kathleen, divorced in 2015 after she became aware of the affair. When Hunter and Hallie were living together, he was sexting her married sister, Elizabeth Secundy. Understandably, many people found this shocking.

Hunter's dating scandals do not stop there. Not long after he formed a relationship with his former sister-in-law, news broke that Hunter had fathered a child with a stripper named Lunden Roberts. Despite claiming that he had "no recollection" of meeting her, he had Roberts on his consulting firm's payroll throughout her pregnancy. After their child was born, Hunter removed her from his company's insurance plan and denied that the child was his. Roberts then filed a paternity suit in 2019, forcing Hunter to pay monthly child support.

He met his current wife Melissa six days after they met in 2019.

The majority of Hunter's relationship scandals were taking place while he was strung out on drugs. He has admitted to having suffered from both alcohol and crack cocaine for years, which became apparent through photos and texts found on his laptop. These photos also included his interactions with hookups.

As if this was not scandalous enough, more texts have been revealed in the past several days in which Hunter uses racial slurs about both Asians and African Americans.

And the media is outraged…right?

Wrong. Hunter's colorful lifestyle has not been one worthy of the mainstream media's scorn. They are more interested in his new pursuit of an art career.

Imagine for a moment that this was Donald Trump, Jr. or Eric Trump whose life I had just described rather than Hunter Biden's. Do you believe the media would have covered any part of such an outrageous story in the same calm manner that they have been if either Trump son had been the subject? Of course not. The media would be having an absolute field day if this was Don, Jr. or Eric we were discussing. Let's not forget that even Barron was not off-limits to their vicious attacks during his father's presidency despite being a child.

The media was certainly not kind to either of the more vocal Trump children while their father was in office. Simply being the offspring of Donald Trump makes them bad enough in the eyes of the mainstream media. They do not have to do anything wrong, whether morally or legally, to be punching bags for the leftist journalists at CNN or The Washington Post. As long as they have the Trump name and support their father, then they are the enemy.

Just imagine if either of them had been caught up in the mess that Hunter Biden has managed to create for himself over the past several years. Drugs? Illegitimate children? Strippers? Racial slurs? Not to mention lying on a 4473 form when purchasing a gun, making huge amounts of money on the board of a Ukrainian firm, and having questionable business dealings in China. The attacks would have been (rightfully) brutal. It would have been all we heard about in the news.

Furthermore, you would think that group of people who pride themselves on fighting against racial injustice, no matter how imaginary, would be the first ones to jump on Hunter Biden for his use of racial slurs in reference to minorities. However, in the wake of this revelation, there has not been a slew of outraged Twitter posts vilifying him for his racism. He has not been "canceled."

Hunter gets away with this for the same reason that Eric and Don, Jr. are attacked for every move they make; his last name. He is the son of the man the left has picked to be the leader and face of the Democratic Party, or at least the man they felt was best fit to tie strings to. The apple does not fall far from the tree when it comes to using racially insensitive language in the Biden family. Despite Joe Biden's multiple and ongoing instances of making embarrassing and outdated comments about race, he somehow wound up to be the United States president. He has been fully supported by the majority of the people who spend so much of their free time concerned with racial issues.

Yet again, this is merely another situation in which someone is getting away with something (or in Hunter's case, MANY things) that they should not be, especially by the standards of what the left deems a cancelable offense, all because there is a letter "D" next to their name. To borrow a quote from Ray Liotta's narration in Goodfellas, "it's a license to do anything." Time and time again, we have watched the media and the leftists who worship them ignore or even excuse their own for doing things those who are not in their camp have been canceled for.

The majority of the time, these "cancellations" are for far less alarming actions than anything Hunter Biden has been involved in. Yet, the most important topic of discussion in the grand scheme of Hunter's recent engagements is his blossoming art career. All is forgiven.

If this situation does not prove to you that the media is biased in favor of leftists, I do not know what will. As more is revealed about Hunter Biden's turbulent past, I hope this opens the eyes of people who have paid little attention to the conduct of American journalists. As shocking as the news about Hunter's actions have been, this is not as serious or far-reaching as many other issues our nation faces.

The sort of media bias we are witnessing with this situation could be far more dangerous when applied to other topics. If we cannot trust the media to deliver information to us honestly, how can we be sure the information we receive is accurate? No person is truly free of bias, but when that bias seeps into a story so much that the truth becomes altered, that is a problem.

This piece is more about my concern over dishonest journalism than about Hunter Biden's mistakes or lack of morals, but observing the media's treatment of him has cemented my belief that we have a serious issue with our media.

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About the Author:

Erin Fitzgerald Adair is a political commentator known as @Always.Right on Instagram. She attended college for Political Science and History, formerly hosted a weekly podcast, and recently worked on a congressional campaign. Erin is a “Cav Kid” from Georgia who now splits her time between there and Florida. She is passionate about advocating for gun rights, free speech, and our constitutional liberties while speaking out against abortion, censorship, and cultural marxism.

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