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How Guns Empower Women: Amy Robbins Shares Her Story

Did you know that April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month?

Unfortunately, sexual assault is an issue that affects millions of Americans and an even more significant number of people across the globe. An average of 433,648 Americans become the victims of rape and sexual assault every year. According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, about 1 in 5 women have been raped or experienced an attempted rape in their lifetime, as opposed to 2.6% of men.

In bringing awareness to the issue of sexual assault, I think it is equally important to bring attention to organizations and individuals who have taken an active role in helping support those who have been sexually assaulted and who have taken action to reduce the chances of other individuals going through the same thing.

One such person is Amy Robbins, who founded a carry wear company called Alexo Athletica. Her clothing line features athletic wear that makes it easier for women to carry while out for a run, working out at the gym, or simply being out and about in their daily lives. As someone who concealed carries, I can confidently say that my Alexo Athletica products are my absolute favorites for carrying. I have yet to find any other clothing brand that helps make carrying more convenient and comfortable, so I would highly recommend checking out her brand.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to Amy Robbins!

Amy, can you tell us a little about yourself?

"Before founding Alexo, I worked in the entertainment business as a TV host amongst a myriad of other jobs as a talent management company owner and even in advertising. While I was hosting a show for NRA TV called NOIR, my passion for firearm safety and proficiency grew along with my desire to see women everywhere live a confident, self-reliant lifestyle."
"In 2017, I created Alexo Athletica because no product existed on the market that met my need to feel fashionable while carrying in activewear. I saw white space in the market and jumped on the opportunity to not only provide fashionable, functional carry wear but create a movement of empowered, independent women that could #carrywithconfidence."

What made you want to start carrying a firearm?

"I’m an avid runner, and one day while training for a marathon, I had a scary encounter on my run. Like so many others, I found myself followed and harassed, and I hated the feeling of being defenseless and helpless. I wanted the ability to train for a marathon whenever I wanted to, even in the wee hours, without fearing for my safety, so I obtained my License to Carry. "

Why do you think it’s especially important for women to concealed carry?

"It’s important to carry because it is our right first and foremost, and if we don’t make our rights personal by exercising them, we WILL lose them. However, it’s also important because the firearm is the great equalizer. In a society obsessed with equality, this is the best way to ensure that a woman never gets overpowered by a bigger, stronger, or faster man than her."

What advice do you have for women who want to get a concealed carry permit but don’t know where to start?

"Now is a great time to be a woman getting into firearms. We are the fastest-growing demographic for new gun ownership and concealed carry permits, so there are many more resources now than when I started."

"One of my best pieces of advice is to find a good range in your area where you can get your hands on many different options of firearms to see which one feels best in your hands and one that you are most comfortable using. There are usually good instructors on hand to help you learn about the options you will try but make sure to ask about that before heading to the range."

Do you have any recommendations for good concealed carry firearms?

"Currently, every manufacturer is in the race to make the best concealed carry options. Luckily for us, they are gearing many subcompact (smaller models) towards us women. Some of the most popular are the Sig P365, Springfield Hellcat, Glock 43 & 42, M&P Shield EZ, Ruger LCP, and Springfield 911. Of course, there are many other options, but these are all excellent options to start with that are chambered in suitable carry calibers with sufficient capacity. I would recommend taking this list to your local gun range to see if they have them available to test out before you purchase."

What inspired you to start Alexo Athletica?

"After my bad experience and much research, I realized many women shared these same experiences, and I wanted to do something about it. However, I quickly realized that having a license to carry or carrying other tools such as mace or a taser does a woman little good if there are no comfortable, functional (much less great-looking) apparel options that would allow her to exercise while also exercising her right to carry and still look and feel great."

"When I started my search for something that fit this criteria, no athletic company made built-in options for women to carry self-defense tools. Everything in the firearm space did not fit what I wanted from an aesthetic standpoint. So, with no background in design or manufacturing, I decided not to let that scare me off but set out on a mission to create the first active carry wear brand on the market whose mission was to empower women by giving them options to stay safe while wearing activewear."

Why do you think modern day feminists seldom (if ever) advocate for women to carry a firearm for self defense?

"Many feminists have a skewed idea of what gun ownership looks like. The majority that I have spoken with have a misguided fear of them because they’ve never shot one and believe many misinformed stats about women and guns. I hope to continue to educate as many as I can, invite every woman I can to the range to learn about gun use and gun safety, and then continue to be an advocate for our 2A rights even when we face opposition."

What do you hope to accomplish with your platform, and what do you hope readers gain from this article?

"I hope that every woman reading this article becomes the most capable, self-sufficient version of themselves that they can be. A part of that journey includes taking responsibility for their safety. I also hope in reading this; they feel empowered knowing they have a brand that supports their rights and will never stop fighting for them to choose how they defend themselves."

Author’s Final Notes:

Amy Robbins has been a huge inspiration to me in my journey into gun ownership-thank you for sharing your story, Amy!

We must emphasize the importance of firearms as the “great equalizer” for women. As a woman, few things have made me feel more empowered than when I got my Concealed Carry License and my Sig P365. As we bring awareness to the issue of sexual assault this month, I hope we can also encourage more young women (and men) to consider firearm training, finding a gun that is right for them, and taking the step of getting a Concealed Carry License.

Sexual assault is a crime that does not discriminate, so the best thing we can do to reduce our likelihood of becoming its next victim is to be prepared. There is nothing more empowering than knowing you can rely on yourself!

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About the Author:

Erin Fitzgerald Adair is a political commentator known as @Always.Right on Instagram. She attended college for Political Science and History, formerly hosted a weekly podcast, and recently worked on a congressional campaign. Erin is a “Cav Kid” from Georgia who now splits her time between there and Florida. She is passionate about advocating for gun rights, free speech, and our constitutional liberties while speaking out against abortion, censorship, and cultural marxism.

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