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H.R.5 Equality Act: What It Is. What You Need to Know.

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About the Author:

Anthony Cabassa is a Christian-Conservative Political Commentator, Military Veteran, Father, Husband, and Activist residing in California. For over three years, he has been doing independent news media that primarily targets the Hispanic/Latino community to combat misinformation. Cabassa is the founder and producer of "Informate con Anthony," a Spanish-speaking political podcast channel. Cabassa has been featured on Univision and Telemundo debating the radical left on talking points ranging from border security, systemic racism, the education system, and defunding the police.

Cabassa's independent journalism work has also been featured on Breitbart, Fox News, Tucker Carlson, and various other local news stations. PragerU, a non-profit media company, most recently highlighted Cabassa's life documentary in the PragerU docuseries "Americanos," which speaks of his time in the military and his Conservative values and activism.

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