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Fauci Wins Award For Playing Political Games With Public Health

On Monday, it was reported that Dr. Anthony Fauci had won a $1 million Israeli prize for "defending science" amid the coronavirus pandemic. The announcement was made by video recording and attempted to give credit to his work on HIV research and how he helped developing countries battle HIV and AIDS. Then the video gets to the real reason that Fauci won the award.

The speaker says that Fauci fought for the "recognition" of novel approaches to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as mRNA vaccines, and courageously defending science in the face of uninformed opposition. If you are like me, you certainly can see the nonsense in this statement and logic.

Fauci has played political games with the coronavirus pandemic since its inception. The Left has argued that this pandemic and its response is about "science," but if anything, it's been more about Fauci pushing his own opinions and logic, which are far from scientifically based.

First, he started the pandemic by saying that there was no reason to wear a face mask. In an interview in March, Fauci explained how a mask does not provide the protection people think.

Now, Fauci is advocating for double masking. He says that despite the "science" that he based his initial statements on, he is now reversing course and saying that the "science" tells us that two masks are better than just one. The spread of germs has not changed in this pandemic, but Fauci's belief on how those germs spread have undoubtedly change.

Another excellent example of Fauci's defense on "science" came in the discussions about herd immunity. Fauci initially said that herd immunity could be achieved at 70-75% but then quickly changed to 80-85%. In an interview with CNN, he said that these were mere estimates. He also spoke on how many Americans were interested in the covid-19 vaccine, which he claimed to be 95% effective. Fauci also argued that herd immunity could be reached if more people got vaccinated globally.

In the early parts of the pandemic, Fauci was an advocate of school closures. He advocated for closing schools and even attacked Florida Gov. DeSantis for keeping schools open.

After the election was over, Fauci shifted his focus and said that schools should open. The timeline of Fauci's opinion change does not line up with science but rather that of politics. It appears that his decision was not really based on science so much as the political winds of the day.

Fauci winning this award for 'defending science' is similar to Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize for merely winning an election. Neither did anything to justify the recognition that they received. It is all just a game of political theatre.

Article originally published on The Liberty Loft.

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