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CUBA REPORT UPDATE: Kidnapping, Mass Arrests, Torture, and Social Media Collusion

Almost two weeks have passed since the people of Cuba took to the streets to protest against Communism and demand freedom after over 60 years of oppression. The Cuban government claims that only one death has been confirmed, as reported by the Miami Herald. The White House continues to say that they support the Cuban people’s right to protest peacefully - even though the people of Cuba are not granted that right under the Communist Regime.

Cuban activist and Director of the Foundation for Panamerican Democracy, Rosa Maria Paya, has claimed that it is probable that many thousands of people have been arrested. She also boldly referenced video evidence proving claims that Cuban police and military have been murdering citizens in the streets.

For almost two weeks, there have been reports of kidnappings happening at all hours of the day, arrests of people who attended protests or shared photos/videos of protests, as well as torture before death by the government of Cuba, and most recent reports of concentration camps being utilized to house those arrested. Leyicet Gockey was interviewed on Fox News, sharing the reports of camps being built in unknown locations on the island.

This causes a question to be asked; if there are only a few hundred people arrested throughout the country, why build concentration camps?

Lastly, people in the United States have had trouble sending videos to people based in Cuba via Instagram. The social media page @Miamiproblemss shared a screenshot where Instagram stated that it had blocked access to a particular video at the request of foreign governments that have made such content “illegal.” When did factual reporting or video evidence become illegal, and why are social media companies taking requests from Cuban, Iranian, North Korean, and Syrian governments?

Now it must be decided; are U.S.-based companies allowed to work in partnership with the Cuban Regime under the current Embargo, and are they violating any laws by taking orders from dictators?

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About the Author:

After speaking out against New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrelle, Jonathan Koeppel made Louisiana headlines over Cantrelle's discriminatory treatment of Christians versus BLM protesters. Not long after, Jonathan made national headlines as the Louisiana teacher opposing CRT and "Woke" curriculum that promotes mental disorders and trans education. Since then, he has been featured on Fox News, Newsmax, Family Research Council, American Family Radio, OANN, Real America's Voice, PragerU, the Dennis Prager Show, and Turning Point USA's social media channels. Jonathan has also been a featured speaker at community events and on college campuses such as Louisiana Tech University.

Fun Facts; Jonathan possesses an MBA in International Business, speaks fluent Spanish, and is the founder/director of the American Dreamers Foundation.

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