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Covid Resurgence: Omicron (BA.5) Variant on the Rise

It has been a long two years and there seems to be no end in sight when it comes to Covid. A new variant has seemed to pop up overnight. This subvariant seems to come with the same language as the other variants. More threatening, more contagious, and spreads more rapidly.

What is Known

The infection seems to be located in the nasal passages. Some of the symptoms are very similar to the last variants, "fever, runny nose, coughing, sore throat, headaches, muscle pain and fatigue". It is also more resistant to antibodies from the vaccines than the others so the push to get vaccinated and boosted will be on the rise; however, there is no evidence yet that it will cause more severe illness than before. The belief of if more people are vaccinated it will decrease the spread.

Many places are now considered "high risk". Some counties in California, Montana, Florida and Oregon to name a few. Los Angeles could impose a mask mandate and there is also an urge in New York to have an indoor mask mandate. It may not be surprising if other counties, states, or countries decide to implement all of the mandates again.

The Big Questions

Is this all a ploy to continue with power and control? This is the year most governors will either be re-elected or voted out. Many restrictions have been lifted and even freedoms and rights that were stripped were given back. When election season is over and some governors who agreed with the restrictions are re-elected will we see a rise in those again? If the numbers are not as high as when the outbreak first happened then why are there talks of implementing mandates again? Fauci has already come out with a video of fear and concern.

The biggest concern should not be a new variant and a resurgence of Covid. The biggest concern should be the stripping of rights, biased restrictions, mental health issues rising, and the government once again crossing the line on what they can and cannot do. A rise in lawsuits will occur and more people raising their voices to fight against those who hold too much power. Will we allow the "rise" of Covid to take over or will there be a rise against the government if more restrictions are placed?

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