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Biden Tested Positive with COVID-19

COVID-19 is starting to pop up in the news again with the new variant and now with Biden testing positive for COVID. Since a high profiled person tested positive the mainstream media begins to push the narratives of 2020/2021 again. This may be the start of more conversations about breakthrough cases and more news about different variants and how they affect the public. Could we even begin to see another push for masks, vaccines, and boosters?

Due to Biden's age, 79, he could be more at risk of having the virus and not doing well. If he were to fall severely ill his medical team will swoop in to help him, but reports are looking good that he is dealing with very mild symptoms, but he has mentioned he has been double vaccinated and boosted. He posted a video of him discussing his diagnosis on Twitter looking relatively not too bad as he thanks the vaccines.

Since the release of the news, some people have been calling out Biden for what he said a year ago about how if you get vaccinated you will not get COVID which does not create a good look for him.

What is Being Said

Now that Biden has mentioned he has caught COVID more speeches about the new omicron variant have popped up like Fauci and CNN. NPR has taken hold of Biden being up-to-date vaccinated and boosted and still catching COVID as a sign that if you stay up-to-date the symptoms for any variant including the new will not be that bad. The narrative that is being pushed is fearmongering: Unvaccinated are three times more likely to contract the virus and that it may not even matter if you have been infected before or even vaccinated you could still get the virus. The old rhetoric is coming back that could bring a push for another round of boosters to help stop the BA.5 variant.

Do you believe this is all a plan to continue pushing this same broken record message and not let COVID die out?

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