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Congressional Candidate Only Fans Leak

Alexandra Hunt, a Philadelphia Congressional candidate, is very open about her OnlyFans account. On October 8, Hunt posted a video to TikTok announcing a leak of her content.

“A media source took my OnlyFans content which exists behind a paywall and decided to leak it. This was done in conjunction while talking about my politics,” Hunt said.

She said she wants to “fight this,” though the constant use of “they” throughout the video makes it unclear what “media outlet” leaked her content and “stole her intellectual property.”

In a follow up video, she said she plans to take legal action. Hunt said the “right wing media co-opted my content and posted it publicly without my consent.” She said she is being attacked by “right wing trolls.”

Hunt is not ashamed of her career choice, she even has merchandise featuring slogans about her work.

Because Hunt did not specify who leaked her content, this is all the information we have. Red Liberty reached out to Hunt for an interview and she has yet to respond. Check back here for updates soon.

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