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Bolsonaro Here To Stay? Not Conceding!

As we gear up for the historic midterm election in the US, all eyes are still on Brazil's election from this past weekend. Lula da Silva is poised to win the election against the current president and freedom lover Jair Bolsonaro. He predicted back in late summer that this would happen as more reports of elections fraud are now rising across all media in Latin America, as well as protests questioning the result.

Forty-eight hours after the election, Bolsonaro announced a press conference many assumed would be him conceding and accepting the election results. Instead, in Bolsonaro fashion, he pulls up with his team, acknowledges reporters, and provides a brief two-minute speech, adding God, Family, and Country a staple phrase since he was elected back in 2018. As he encouraged the continuation of the peaceful protest that is happening throughout the country, he said, "I will continue to fulfill all the mandates of the Constitution." Leaving reports in shambles as he walked away, not accepting the results of the elections. However, not claim himself as the winner, which many supporters were hoping to hear.

Rough Translation:

I want to start by thanking the 58 million Brazilians who voted for me last October 30th.

The current and populist movements are the result of indignation and feeling of injustice of how the process took place. Electing our officials peacefully will always be welcome

but our methods cannot be those of the left. That have always harmed the population by invasion of property, destruction of heritage, the right to come and go. The right really emerged in our country Our robust representation in Congress shows the strength of our values. God, country and freedom. We formed several leaders in Brazil. Our dreams are still more alive than

ever. We are for order and progress even when facing the whole system. We have overcome a pandemic and the consequences of a war. I've always been labeled undemocratic and to the contrary of my accusers, I have always I played within the four lines of the Constitution. I never approved of media censorship and social media censorship. As president of the republic and

it’s citizens, I kept fulfilling all the commandments of our Constitution. It is an honor to be the leader of millions of Brazilians who like me, defend economic freedom, freedom of religion, freedom of opinion, honesty and the yellow and  green colors of our flag. Thank you very much.

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