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BLM Is The Reason For Police Hatred Today

OPINION- In the last few years, there has been so much hate against law enforcement. What is causing this hate is a mix of factors that get pushed by the mainstream media, but what is not getting pushed are why more cops this year are getting killed on the line of duty. What is it with our culture now not caring about the life of someone who is trying to protect and serve their community? Why are cops made out to be the villains in almost every news article? What is fueling the hatred?

The Problems

Mainstream media is the one pushing the agenda to hate police. The reasons could be linked to Black Lives Matter and the support that it has been receiving for multiple years. Part of their agenda was geared toward defunding the police or police reform. The idea spread so quickly in the last few years due to George Floyd's death in 2020, but ultimately began in 2013 with the shooting of Trayvon Martin. An article from BBC in 2015 pointed at the fact that BLM was being blamed and they truly want reform. In 2020, New York Post posted an opinion piece regarding how BLM was the reason for the hate against cops. In the last two years we have seen an uptick in the defund the police speech as politicians began to get on board with it. Minneapolis probably being one of the first due to Floyd's death being located in Minneapolis. However, they quickly figured out that it may not have been the best move for the city. In 2021 Minneapolis increased spending on police. Their reasoning was due to budget, but after Floyd's death and the city being burned and looted the need for cops and control could have been a clear reason to start funding again.

The Effects

When society started calling defund the police and burning and looting cities that is when the culture started shifting. The hatred towards police really began and now so has the violence. Beginning of last month the New York Post wrote an article regarding violence towards police specifically the amount shot at on duty. According to the article, as of April 1st, 101 police offices were shot and 17 passed away which is "a 43% increase compared to the number of officers shot at the same time period in 2021 and a 63% increase compared to 2020, FOP reports." To add to the shock, on May 5th a police officers mother was shot and killed in her own home. There is no regard for police lives anymore. Society has turned its back on them. Those who risk everything to protect their families, towns, cities, and communities are now being villainized by the mainstream media. To make it worse their families are now targets as well.

James Klug came out with a video highlighting people he interviewed in Los Angeles regarding the police officer murder rate rising. One man who is an ex convict said it is all about respect and there are a few bad apples who affect the rest of the cops. A couple whose daughter is a police office said a similar line that there are a few bad apples that ruin it, and like any job there are some that do not do their job well. Some agreed that COVID and lockdowns may have something to do with it because some people may be bored. Many agreed that Black Lives Matter heightened the violence, but some agreed that it was due to retaliation. One man said and eye for an eye. If we are seeing that hate does not defeat hate but only escalates the situation. Then what is the right way to approach lowering the numbers of the police murder rate, the hate for police, and for police brutality? Funding the police. This will help with training, equipment, and officers. If politicians keep going towards defunding the police and spreading hatred towards them we will see a rise in crime like we have never seen it before. In the last few years we have started to see the rise like in 2020 their was a 30% rise in murder and in Oakland in 2021 their homicide rate was the highest it ever was in a decade. There are many stories that give the same message. Will society listen to the data or will they continue to follow the next big trend and continue to fuel hatred?


I have a heart for law enforcement. My father was on the force for 21.5 years and there were days I would get worried about him. I believe the part that Black Lives Matter and politicians forget about when it comes to police is that they are people too who have families. I do not believe my father was ever in true danger, if he was I never knew, but I remember when Black Lives Matter came into the picture he was on the way to retirement. That made me feel better knowing he was off the force, but hearing the news of threats to family and now seeing years later the killings of parents it makes me nervous all over again. He is the one I look up to when it comes to safety and protection (and political views). He was always there for me and the family. It breaks my heart to hear about so many officers getting killed on duty or getting injured. The hate for police needs to end. If it does not more children, wives, husbands, families will be left without a parent or relative. Young girls especially I feel for because I know how hard it is to watch fathers leave due to being on call. My heart goes out to those girls and the rest of the families that have lost a loved one due to this political nonsense and hate.

How to Help Law Enforcement

Other than voting for political figures that support funding the police here are a few every day ways to support your local law enforcement:

  • Pick up the tab at a restaurant or purchase their coffee

  • Help an officers family with a meal or babysitting

  • Stop by the station with gift cards

  • Support their fundraisers

  • Teach children to respect officers

  • Thank a police officer for their service

  • If religious, pray for them

  • Donate to organizations that support law enforcement

Another way to help law enforcement is talking to others about the truth of what a police officer does. Acknowledging that not every officer is a bad officer and clearing up false information could possibly help ease tensions. The last few years have been hard on police officers. A small act of kindness can go along way.

To review the stats of law enforcement on the line of duty deaths visit:

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