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Biden's Executive Orders: Protection Over Abortions

The Supreme recently declared Roe v. Wade unconstitutional and gave the power back to the states. Biden and his administration did not seem too pleased about this so they took action and criticized the Supreme Court. He is making it obvious that he does not respect the authority of the other branches of government. This Executive Order may be taking his power a step too far.

On July 8th, Biden signed an executive order that makes sure everyone can get access to, according to Biden, "reproductive health care" which will include abortion, contraceptives, protect the privacy of patients, access to true and correct information, and all of this to promote safety and security and "rights" to people. He is going through the Department of Health and Human Services so that all list above including family planning services may be reachable for those in need.

Biden slammed the Supreme Court stating their decision was not constitutional and "it was an exercise in raw political power". It seems that this Executive Order is a bit of an extreme and possibly power grab. Fortunately, this may not affect the states banning abortion since his powers are "constrained" based on individual state laws. The Executive Order also is expected to have "a limited impact".

What are your thoughts on this Executive Order?

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