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Banning Conservatives From Existence is a Bold and Dangerous Move

Multiple big tech organizations took aim at President Donald Trump over the past week. Twitter banned him and Facebook soon followed. For the first time in four years, the weekend was absent of President Donald Trump’s tweets and comments that we have become accustomed to.

Then, organizations began to take aim at conservatives, many of who were flocking to alternative outlets like Parler. Twitter went on a deactivation spree removing thousands of followers from various conservative personalities. Some speculate that Twitter may be actively removing bots and unverified users from the sites, but it seems that only conservative users are noticing the issue.

Some conservative platforms that had discussed voter fraud and the election issues were deactivated entirely. One website that had been actively promoting the election fraud stories was permanently suspended from the platform.

Just as this organization and many other Trump supporters were looking for other ways to communicate, the big tech platforms took aim at those as well. Apple and Google both banned the popular app Parler. Amazon has said that it will remove Parler from it’s Amazon Web Services hosting as well.

The actions are leaving many searching for a place to share their ideas and information. While the organizations claim this is to cut back on misinformation, violent inciting rhetoric, and potential insurrection, the move is a bold and dangerous one at best.

Many Trump supporters have come out against the violence in DC. They did not agree with what happened at the Capitol and the tragic loss of life. But you will not hear that on the mainstream news, social media channels, and more. Instead, these outlets want to argue that the values these people stand for are to blame.

The values of conservatives are not to blame for violence in DC. Just as the group Black Lives Matter believes in equality, so do the Trump supporters believe in election security. They believe that they deserve to be heard and that an investigation deserves to be had.

The Democrats got their investigation when it was suggested that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia. They spent millions investigating the potential for collusion and laid out the evidence, even pushing through an impeachment trial of the President. They delivered the evidence, which was minimal and not convincing enough to convict him in the Senate. So President Donald Trump remained in office.

An investigation may very well show that there were not enough votes for President Donald Trump to overturn the election as he desired. Conduct the investigation and lay out the evidence to show the American people just what was found. Instead, many states have conducted closed investigations. All the while Trump supporters and the Trump legal team have been parading around their own evidence.

These supporters are not going to stop believing in election fraud just because you take away their platform to talk. They will find another platform. They will move to other services, perhaps even offline services. The mindset is simply not going to go away just because you take away the venue.

If you allow these to continue online, you are able to monitor and see what is said. You can actually see the things that the extremists are saying, monitor them, and investigate them if necessary. Now, with the action of taking away the venue, you force them underground essentially and place America at an even greater risk.

Do I believe that there were extremists responsible for the actions at the Capitol? Yes, just like I believe that there are extremists on the left that are much more than an "idea" as Joe Biden would call them. There are extremists on both sides of the political aisle. While they exist, there are not millions of them, as in over 70 million Trump voters, as the Left would have you to believe.

There were many other options to deal with the alternative viewpoints than simply banning them from existing in society. America is even less safe today than it was before and for that, we can thank Big Tech.

Article originally published on The Liberty Loft.

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