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BALENCIAGAGATE: The Rabbit Hole Deepens with Occult Theme and Ties Podesta

This week Balenciaga came under fire for their latest ad for children posing with bears dressed in adult bondage attire on a bed, with occult symbolism. But that's not all.

As many began to reach out to the fashion brand for answers, the issue snowballed as the public began to magnify questionable product placement not only on Balenciaga's website but also on social media.

Anti Human Trafficking Activist Natly Denise was one of the first social media influencers to point out more disturbing subtleties in additional Balenciaga ads.

The ad above included book placements for Michael Borremans and Matthew Barney. The disturbing work of these men uncovered by the public began to raise eyebrows as to whether or not Balenciaga's first passive apology was enough to look the other way and ignore accusations of not only the subtle promotion of child porn but also pedophilia and cannibalism.

Matthew Barney’s CREMASTER cycle includes five digitally lensed films,

made over a nine-year period.

Matthew Barney and Michael Borremans are also names found in the Podesta emails as well as Satanic artist and spirit cooker Marina Abromovic.

Another obscure placement was a document within a pile of papers featuring an Adidas collaboration. Pages from a 2008 Supreme Court ruling Ashcroft vs. Free Speech Coalition, which ruled in favor of virtual child pornography. Another image in the campaign featured the name of a convicted pedophile.

Despite Balenciaga's second apology, many have taken to Twitter to criticize their position on taking legal action against their own team who had utilized “unapproved” items for their shoots.

"The notion that Balenciaga were ignorant to the fact that their kiddie BDSM photo shoot also featured a document relating to child porn is utterly absurd. Note how the company also left Twitter after Elon cracked down on child exploitation. The whole thing is beyond vile."

The majority of the population has heard of this luxury brand in America by way of Kanye West. In October, alongside Adidas, Balenciaga cut ties with West amid his "antisemitic" comments. However, the face of the brand for the last year has been his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian who has yet to issue a statement.

Kim was photographed yesterday wearing pieces from the Balenciaga and Adidas campaign.

Balenciaga has since deleted all social media posts and removed the controversial photos from their website.

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