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Can all this be coincidental? The dark symbolism, subliminal, sinister items found in contemporary fashion campaigns? Hidden messages.... It all seemed too unison within Balenciaga's recent "holiday" campaign.

We all have to ask ourselves, what sense of entitlement allows a dimension of corporate thinking, to allow their sick art direction? First identified by other internet users, Balenciaga first published their campaign, featuring children. These children held teddy bears, brightly colored, wearing accessories resemblant of adult fetish, BDSM, otherwise known as bondage. In a different shoot, spotted was a document with wording from the Ashcroft vs Free Speech Coalition court docket, a troubling court occurrence surrounding the theme of child exploitation material and the unimaginable debate of "free speech". The public got righteously angry in reaction to the chosen exploitative art direction of this fashion ad.

What was discovered further, really illustrated (no pun intended) the absolute depravity of one's conscience to orchestrate a public display of underlying debauchery.

The child photo campaigns were taken down, photo replacements ensued. This time the photos had all adults this time. However, in one of the replacement photos, another questionable item discovery: books with the names "Michael Borremans" and "The Cremaster Cycle".

"Artists" that had a common interest in twisted and nefarious scenes of cannibalism, mutilation, and dark occultism. This is fashion? Associating your holiday campaign with scenes of blood-covered children, some onlooking their severed limbs on the floor?

We as a collaborative, have the absolute right to call this out when we see it. In Ephesians 4:26, it reads "In your anger do not sin...", alluding that sinful anger is not good, however, righteous anger is admissible following righteous actions. Our righteous anger must provoke us to follow with righteous actions. What transpired here in this case? Children were objectified with sexual fetish adorned accessories, our righteous anger led us all instinctively to bring light to it. What followed was an apology, and an admission from Balenciaga themselves, that the much publicized campaign should have never happened in the first place. What remains is still a mystery as to how they will respond and address the additional themes found. As for us, this incident should exemplify the power that we behold to shun blatant perversion that tries to infiltrate the souls and minds of our society. Sexualizing children is never ok, and no matter now times change, it should be our priority to expose any form of exploitation.

-Natly Denise

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