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Attempting To Go Woke, Aunt Jemima Goes Broke

On Tuesday, Quaker Oats, which PepsiCo owns, announced that it had selected a new name for its Aunt Jemima brand. You may recall that brand was put into the spotlight for "racism" in 2020 as ridiculous racism claims swept across the country.

The company has decided to retain the color scheme, changing the name to "Pearl Milling Company." PepsiCo said that it was a nod to the company in its beginnings before they focused on being "Aunt Jemima."

According to a CNN article, Pearl Milling Company was founded in 1888 by Chris L Rutt. Rutt then changed the name of the company to Aunt Jemima. It was after a song from 1875 called "Old Aunt Jemima."

While the box may have the same colors, it lacks one thing. That personable face that we have come to appreciate and trust. Yes, Americans had grown accustomed to the face of Aunt Jemima on the boxes and labels. Now, they are left with the picture of a mill building.

The lingering question is will this be enough to satisfy those who are crying out for "justice?" After all, they are all about recognition of the Black and Brown communities, and what better recognition and honor than having a product depicting one in a trustworthy manner?

But it will not be enough. They will have an issue with this one as well. If we are going to go fully “woke” in this situation, we can see glaring issues at the start.

First of all, slaves worked in various aspects of grain harvesting and milling. They worked in production capacities for decades before they were freed. Even one of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, had grain milling on his property in Virginia and involved slaves in the process.

Quaker Oats and PepsiCo not only went with another image that brings back "memories" of slavery, but they also refused to place someone of a societal special interest group as the primary focus. To be fully "woke" and acceptable, there should have been an image of a Black or Brown person, or perhaps even someone from the LGBTQ community.

If you read my statements and you believe they are ridiculous, that's because they are meant to be. This is the foolish mindset of the "woke" Left as they try to force their will on the American people.

I have yet to see one instance where pancakes, waffle mix, or maple syrup are racist. You would think the "woke" Left would be thrilled that the company's name was given after the song mentioned earlier in this article, mostly since the song was sung by a man dressed in drag. Isn't that woke and acceptable now?

Quaker Oats and parent company PepsiCo completely missed the mark once again. Caving to the ridiculous pressures of the "woke" Left to appear more socially acceptable is never a profitable business, especially when the new decision can be destroyed more quickly than the first.

Article originally published on The Liberty Loft.

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