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A Playbook For Erasing Gender: How “What Is A Woman?” is Exposing The Left

OPINION-Within the last 2 weeks, many independent media outlets and influencers have been commenting on the astonishing clips that have been extracted from Matt Walsh's "What is a Woman?". It is hard to ignore not only Walshs' expressionless rebuttals to absurdities such as someone identifying themselves as a wolf, but also the jaw dropping unraveling of a strategic playbook that was intentionally created to destroy not only our youth, but also our nation.

Here is what we have found.


If the pandemic has done anything good for us, it exposed our public-school curriculums'. Since the 60's and its removal of God, the system has been slowly incorporating not only elements of socialism, but also has shown an immoral decline. CRT and the current sexualization of our students have been fully manifested as of late. It is evident that leftist ideologies have infiltrated our schools. Ethically, schools should lose their funding for cultivating political persuasions as opposed to building up critical thinkers. However, somehow the money continues to pour in for left leaning academics who have not only welcomed these ideologies with open arms but also encourages the youth to be discreet about what they are taught when the bell rings.


Being a teenager in the 90's was tough. Being isolated today without any comradery affirming the weirdness of becoming an adolescent along with the uncertainty of the lockdown, is unimaginable. Isolating the youth makes them vulnerable and eager for any affirmation especially when the only communication tool they have to the outside world is a little screen they can control without any supervision.

Social Media

The normalization of cell phone usage within our youth has increased substantially and rather quickly. As has social media propaganda. Now that our governing leaders have managed to isolate our youth, the dependency for affirmation from hashtag trends and LGBTQ tik tokers has by far surpassed any parental guidance. As explained in the documentary, social media has managed to build communities where our teens can now find celebrated virtual comradery even if the outcomes are detrimental such as hormone therapy or sex reassignment surgeries at young ages.

This playbook of education, isolation, and social media has an everyday affirming cycle. For example, a wholesome teenage experience, prior to this madness, would be of a young girl who loves sports and comes off tom boyish and eventually blossoms into a woman who really enjoys sports. Today, one would be considered gender fluid and should consider puberty blockers until she decides what gender she would like to be. And it would be celebrated at school by the teachers, affirmed by the new curriculums in our schools, questioned in habitual isolation. and even revered on social media.

The agenda to hijack what was meant for good is alive and well. The Marxist tactics of creating confusion and sexualizing children are just some of the steps taken in midleading a nation. We are thankful for the independent journalists who seek out the truth and expose what is not only being hidden from parents, but also the trajectory of this next generation should no one intervene.

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