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Mexico Begs Biden to Return to Trump Immigration Policy

In just under two months, President Biden has reverse restrictive immigration policies set up by his predecessor, former President Donald Trump. Before Biden took office, there was a clear pathway to legal citizenship, stronger protections at the border, and clear immigration rules being enforced. Now, he has pretty much thrown out the welcome mat for any illegal alien willing to come across the US border.

Non-Biden supporters knew that Biden's radical agenda would mean that there would be no focus on blocking illegal immigration. As predicted by his non-supporting base, they knew his attention would turn toward amnesty and giving away citizenship to anyone who violated US laws and arrived here without going through the legal process.

According to Mexican authorities, Mexican drug cartels and gangs are taking advantage of Joe Biden's relaxed immigration laws. As caravans of migrants desire to come to the US to take advantage of our weak borders and lack of immigration enforcement, they have capitalize on their ability to smuggle migrants across the border without detection. Reuters recently reported how caravans are issuing wristbands to help keep track of those being smuggled thought our weak and open borders.

The New York Post reports that Mexico has asked President Joe Biden to provide developmental assistance to countries in Central America to improve the humanitarian crisis in their countries to help curb the flow of migrants. That's an interesting concept seeing as that is the same policy that former President Donald Trump had put into place during his administration.

In 2019, Trump was under a lot of scrutiny for how he cut off money to Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. He cut off the financial aid assistance that the United States provided to them until they started to address the ridiculous amounts of illegal immigrants who were migrating through Mexico and attempting to cross the US border illegally. After reaching agreements on helping curb immigration, the Trump administration restored the funding.

Once Biden took office, he eliminated Trump's immigration policies, allowing the flow of illegal immigrants to reopen into the United States. Almost as soon as Biden won reelection, migrants started forming caravans and headed toward the US border. The infamous "cages" were once again reopened due to the border crisis becoming so large that border patrol agents couldn't handle the volumes. Biden has made multiple bad decisions involving immigration, and it has cost our country dearly.

But Mexico is also feeling the pain. Now, drug cartels and gangs are receiving money because they will take on the illegal activity to smuggle someone across the border. They're making big money, which gives them even more power, thus increasing the violence across Mexico and here in the US. We're all well aware of Mexican gangs and drug cartels in our country, which will only worsen thanks to Biden and his immigration policies.

Mexico realizes that Joe Biden's decisions are terrible, but Joe Biden and his handlers have yet to recognize that these decisions are terrible. The current administration doesn't seem concerned with the well-being and safety of United States citizens. They're more concerned with staying in office. They're more interested in pleasing the "woke" agenda and continuing their Marxist push of division across the country.

Joe Biden has proven that Donald Trump was right in multiple situations since taking office. Biden's team has demonstrated the coronavirus vaccine plan by Trump was right. The Biden administration admitted that Trump's plan to reopen schools was right. Now, even Mexico admits that Trump's immigration policies were right. Americans need to start paying attention to what is happening right in front of them.

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