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Intense Government Regulation is Back With The Stroke of a Pen

President Joe Biden followed through on his commitment. He said that he was going to start working immediately, and he did just that by signing multiple executive orders on day one. He took action to reverse many of Trump’s executive orders and policies.

Among them was the reversal of the border wall funding, mandating masks, pushing for diversity, and ending the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. Over one dozen orders were signed by President Biden on his first day in office as he made many other requests.

The mainstream media and those on the Left celebrated as Joe Biden delivered on campaign promises. Promises to reshape our country.

Promises to reign in the American people from the freedom that they have enjoyed.

Former President Donald Trump had taken many steps to reduce regulations and government oversight. The regulation that President Biden is working on is a reminder of the regulations of Barack Obama. Regulations on the Americans that they serve while removing regulations and legal requirements for those that are here illegally.

The speed at which the Democrats move their agenda through Congress is not yet clear. They have shared the desire to continue the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, but the House has been inundated with radical legislation proposals.

In each one American freedom is chipped away little by little. More government regulation here, more government oversight there. It’s very clear that the elites of our government are back in control and intend to wreak havoc on America.

While the mainstream media and the Left celebrate their current victories, these executive orders place them in the exact same position that President Donald Trump’s administration was in. NBC News was quick to share that Trump relied heavily on executive orders. Joe Biden has a split Congress and will most likely rely on the same.

That very possibility should be encouraging to conservatives everywhere. While we will no doubt suffer in the coming days amid this increase in regulation and oversight, there is hope for a quick resolution.

The fortunate thing about our Constitutional Republic is that groups only remain in power for a short time. We must start our work now in order to be prepared for the 2022 and 2024 elections. This does not mean giving in to the Republicans, but rather sharing with our representatives what we expect going forward.

That means that conservatives have to immediately regroup. We have to immediately get our acts together and start focusing on battling the progressive agenda to hold off their moves until we can retake the country. At least, what is left of our country.

Article originally published on The Liberty Loft.

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