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Defunding the Police Seems Like a Bad Idea to AOC After All

Over the past week, we have been gifted some absolutely mindless ranting by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). In an hour-long Instagram rant, she attacked a multitude of issues that would simply be too much to cover in one article. One thing that she did cover that is worth noting is law enforcement.

In her comments, AOC was directly attacking Trump’s Cabinet members who she said claim to “back the blue.” In her rant, she said that Cabinet members had blood on their hands for their actions surrounding the Capitol riots. She continued that they claim to back the blue, but have no respect for law enforcement when the issues hit reality.

AOC has been a vocal supporter of defunding law enforcement in the wake of the riots in 2020. She said that the proposed cuts by NYC did not go far enough to defund the police. The proposed cuts were to remove $1 billion in funding, but she said that defunding the police meant to really defund the police.

She has said that law enforcement across the country is stricken with white supremacy and racist actions. She has indicated that they do not equally apply the law and that they discriminate and focus on minorities more than whites. But she had something different to say when those same officers were needed by herself.

In her Instagram rant, she said that the Capitol police were courageous in the response to the chaos at the Capitol. She said that she was unsure if she would return home amid the events at the Capitol. She then proceeded to say that members of the Capitol police betrayed them and their protection.

She said that the event was traumatizing and that it was scary to run down the halls of the Capitol not knowing if a law enforcement officer would be there to help her.

Perhaps she now knows how millions of Americans feel across the country amid the calls to defund the police. As violent crime continues to rise across the country, millions of Americans worry if law enforcement will be there to protect them when they need them. All thanks to AOC, her socialist friends, and Black Lives Matter.

Rather than supporting law enforcement and trying to make sure they have the resources necessary to do their job efficiently, AOC and her band of socialist misfits would rather attack them, calling them white supremacists, racists, and saying they deserve to lose their jobs. She sure seemed to be happy that they were present on January 6 to protect her as she feared for her life, however.

If law enforcement was truly as racist as AOC and her cohorts claim, they could have easily chosen not to defend her and protect her at the Capitol that day. The same would go for any minority member of the House and Senate. Instead, those brave law enforcement officers defended everyone equally, just as law enforcement do across this country day in and day out.

Rather than attacking law enforcement, it’s time to stop the divisive rhetoric and give them the support that they need. Rather than attacking anyone and everyone that does not help promote your agenda as racist, it’s time to stand behind these brave men and women.

Instead, you will see AOC continue to attack law enforcement and call for their defunding. You will see her continue to attack the criminal justice system and put the lives and safety of millions of Americans at risk.

She had no issue that law enforcement was there to protect her. After all, she’s a member of the elite. You and I do not deserve the same protections and service that AOC received. She will support removing our ability to protect ourselves with our guns, while she continues to hide behind police that you and I do not deserve.

Article originally published on The Liberty Loft.

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